Lantern Swinger
After watching warship earlier i noticed a few ratings were wearing Desert DPM and just wondered if all ratings get issued Greens/deserts or is it just for upperdeck ratings? I know a couple submariners that where issued them but im not sure if its a waste of locker space if they are not strictly needed for your job? sorry if this comes across as a daft question i just wondered tis all :thumbright: cheers :)


Lantern Swinger
Thanks Guns :thumright: but what about when in shore establishments ? as i have seen them there too. Sorry not sure what SPO stands for... ^_^;


War Hero
Ships Protection Organisation - Armed Sentries etc

Deep breath.....

Shore side it seems everyman and his dog can randomly wear DPM for no reason what so ever. No I am going to stop and go to bed.
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