Downgrading of Christmas

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by OSLO, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. Many papers are carrying the report that a Labour think tank had a rush of blood to the head and has made a few recommendations to improve race relations in the UK. The Daily Wail has grasped the "downgrading" of Christmas as its headline. Other measures quoted include:

    • "Birth ceremonies", at which state and parents agree to "work in partnership" to bring up children

    • Action to "ensure access" for ethnic minorities to "largely white" countryside

    • An overhaul of Britain's "imperial" honours system

    • Bishops being thrown out of the House of Lords

    • An end to "sectarian" religious education

    • Flying flags other than the Union Jack.

    In these weird times we live in, I found that I agreed with a few of these. The first one was something that I had when my sprog mas born. I wanted something that brought the family together and, as an atheist, baptism and bris were out.
    I agree with the third one as the current honours systems (the civvy version, anyway) is a political rewards system.
    I fully concur with the fourth point, as I've stated in other threads. Ditto the fifth point.
    The second point is not really helpful, and the last point is, frankly, ridiculous.
  2. I whole heartly agree with Sayeeda Warsi comments.
  3. Overall, I agree with Ms Warsi (she was on Question Time a few weeks back and came across as a model of what a politician should be - learned, easy spoken and switched on), but I'm not sure that the report calls for the depredation of UK culture. Culture is ever shifting and we are not the UK of 60 years, for good or for bad. I've got no problem with living in a country with its judeo-christian traditions of celebrating given pagen dates, such as xmas, whilst also saying "Happy Eid" or "Maazel'tov" on Jewish New Year. But I don't think that the report is calling for that. Am I wrong?
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Correct me if I'm wrong but this is a christian country (even though I put down Jedi knight for my religion in the last census). This country is founded on christian principles not some wishy washy raghead or penis cutting religion.

    The labour party must really hate this country.
  5. are right of course, It's not the country of 60 years ago.................., that's why I [and many others] left.
  6. [Devil's Advocate mode switched on] What does "a christian country" mean? That we can indoctrinate our children in the new testament? That we must ignore the festivals and practices of other cultures and religions? That we can't share in the happiness of a festival from a different people?

    And anyway, how many of our "christian" bretheren and sorority actually manifest their christianity? How many actually believe in the tenets of christianity, such as the virgin birth, resurrection, the divinity of the Christ?

    [Devil's Advocate mode switched off] How exactly is the report's recommendations giving a carte blanche to destroying the UK's culture? All I see is a set of common sense suggestions sprinkled with a few PC suggestions with no basis on reality (i.e. they are not either well thought out or logical)
  7. I guess I like the idea that different doesn't mean worse - which it clearly is in some areas.
  8. I agree with the majority of that but we are in Britain, no were else and only the Union Jack and European Union flags should be hoisted.
  9. According to the 01 census, over 92% of the population are white. The vast majority of this group and a significant part of the remaining non white group will be Christian or of no particular religion.

    Most of the non christian religions have no problem with Christmas being celebrated, and many find it offensive when local and national bodies try to play down christian festivals so as not to offend the religious minorities.

    I have no objection to other cultures/religions celebrating their festivals so why do our Government (at both national and local levels) have such a problem with christians celebrating.

    I am not particularly religious, Christmas to me is a time for family and friends to get together, to have fun and celebrate, a chance to forget about the day to day grind. And when all is said and done, December the 25th was chosen as the day of Jesus Christs birth not because anyone was sure it was, but because it fitted in with a good few pagan festivals from across Europe
  10. Well said, that man. I'm yet to meet a single person of a non-christian faith who ever hinted that they were "offended" by anything that the PC brigade has proposed on the "christmas" front.
  11. Oops

    I agree with you on this Mikh. The reality is that in general the other religions do not complain about christmas, and as long as we let them have a bash for their particular fesival it also means they will be prepared to work over our holidays.

    There will alsways be those who will be offended what ever you do but these are a very small minotity and often get further up the noses of their own community than they do ours.
  12. Is there any proof that members of other religions are “offended†by Christmas? Perhaps we should ban ALL religious festivals regardless of which religion they’re from?

    The early Christians moved the celebration of the birth of Christ to December to try to bring “on side†the non-Christian locals.

  13. In the wine area of Penedes in Catalunya, one of the largest in the world, work many thousands of muslims, as they have for many centuries. Your bottle of cava will have been nurtured and tended by these hardworking and honest people.
    Many of these are now planning what they will do over the 'Christmas' period by way of eating, drinking and general festivity.
    These festivities are centred around the feast of santa lucia, a patron saint of light and fire and also food, hence the lights, and food we are all familiar with. Plus the 6th of January,the visit of the three kings.
    These three gents, and every school child knows their names, brought gifts to what they thought could be an aspiring prophet. Hereabouts you get your presents on the 6th of January not the 25th of December.
    December 25th itself passes as more or less an ordinairy day, except for those whose ideas have been formed by northern european or north american concepts.
    The three kings mythical or not sought out new prophets, him in the stable amongst them, and they were obviously of a middle eastern background.
    Thus the christmas period is not necessarily a christian occasion and other religions have an equal input, and few will complain about any festivities even if they are not seen as strictly 'kosher'.
    It is the PC nazis of the town halls who are going against this trend and attempting to pervert into something of their own making; most probably out of sheer ignorance of the orignins of the festival, and blinkered political belief.
    Here endeth the lesson according to sussex, from the book of a tad of knowledge on the subject. Unlike them in the town halls!
  14. The only part of that Wail article that I could remotely call clever or sensible was the bit by Sayeeda Warsi. When will these products of the "I want it now" society realise that if Britain is to change (if it must), it should be by evolution and not brow beating, cajoling revolution. Why do they feel the constant need to mend things that aren't bloody broken? It may not be perfect but what is. There are enough problems on the Planet (and beyond it, for that matter) to absorb or occupy our propensity to interfere with things without knocking down load bearing structures in the house we're living in. Why do we feel that we have to constantly adapt to the visitors and make the place a home from home for them? Slot in or sod off. Some people have too much time on their hands.

    So would that bone suggestion on flags ban me from flying the Cross of St George on the appointed day? It would certainly p**s my pal off if he was told that he couldn't fly the Draig Goch from his narrowboat on St Dai's Day.
  15. To me, if you want to go to another country to seek a better life, you should be expected to adapt to their culture, their beliefs, their laws, etc and not have the gall to think you can waltz in and bring the whole package from your motherland.

    Even though that's what has been allowed to happen.
  16. I agree m8
    everyone to his own and keep it to themselves not push it to everyone...
  17. Credders
    It is not the Muslim community who are asking for this. It is the lunatic PC government that is in power. J.C. is recognised as a prophet by those of the Islamic faith.
  18. It was downgraded by me as a devout atheist years ago, bloody humbug.
  19. I know, I know Slim :thumright:

    But whilst we're on the subject, I just thought I'd lay down my two cents on people who come here treating like their own gaff.

    The group of PC muppets who are demanding this ought to be ashamed.

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