Down with the Eurocrats

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by ronalder, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. Today is a sad day for Americans , the anniversary of 9/11, but should be a day of rejoicing for traditionally minded Brits, (especially those of Anglo -Saxon descent.) Today the unelected Eurocrat commissioners decided that we should be allowed to retain our pounds and ounces, still order a pint and still talk about miles , yards and furlongs. Who knows , we may even succeed in bringing back rods, poles and perches! I dream of the day when this silly money is abolished, when we can talk about pounds shillings and pence , instead of this ridiculous "p". Lets look forward to saying tuppence instead of two pee, and even bring back the good old "tanner"
    Keep silence all those born after 1971.
  2. Too true.
    Sick of watching the Discovery/History channel to be told the plane was flying at 3000metres. Is that higher than a Lanc flies,a 747 or Concorde???
  3. I was born in 1963 and yet I am more at home with metric measurements than feet inches, pounds and ounces.......they seem unnecessarily messy, I mean 16 ounces to the lb, and 14lb to a stone, it's much more logical to have 1000g to a kilogram after all. :w00t:
  4. Please qualify the initial statement. 67 Britons also perished on that day and the consequences are being felt by many families of servicemen in Afghanistan and Iraq, some of whom will never come home. So 9/11 is not just a sad day "for Americans".

    Now, as for the appointment of Commissioners, they are selected by member states, so in effect they are as elected as any Secretary of State.

    Personally, I've got 10 fingers and 10 toes - far easier to do maths with base 10 than base 12!
  5. I am happy to qualify my original statement. My omission of the British people murdered in the Twin Towers was inadvertent, and if any offence was caused , I apologise wholeheartedly. However I won't stop being anti Eurocrat. Most of our Euro MPs were elected by a minority of electors. The reasons for their small turnout are probably many and various, but I suspect, mainly because of most Brit's feelings of antipathy for the whole corrupt organisation. And when was the last time that the French or Germans had any wish to do anything that might be of benefit to the United Kingdom?
    My whole post (or rant ) concerning the use of metric measures or currency was meant to be lighthearted, both my children were born in the 60's and are far more familiar with metres and kilos than I am, but I reserve the traditional right of all silly old buggers to have a good old moan about whatever I think is ridiculous. If I could have a good drip about Jimmy the One's bad habits in the 50's, Harold Wilson's chicaneries in the 60's , my bosses' attitudes in the 70's, the licensing laws in the 80's,pensions in the 90's and everything else nowadays, well old habits die hard, and I sure ain't going to stop now. There aren't too many of us cantankerous old basards left, and I'll go down fighting.
  6. cmon people who gives a sh1t the loss of 67 brits is a fair trade for all them septic tanks
  7. Whilst I can sympathise with Ronalder and R-R, I must admit that decimal systems do make life easier. However there are places where the decimal measurements won't get accepted-- I hope. Aviation, heights and altitudes are measured in feet, airspeed in knots and distances in nautical miles, and I trust that the RN still uses nautical miles and knots.
  8. What continues to piss me off Big time, is the British assholes who persecute us on behalf of Euro Regs. As much as I detest the French, they at least pick and choose what Euro Regs to abide by.
  9. Do boats still keep depth in feet or metres ? Are charts still shown in fathoms or meters ? Curious.
  10. Funnily, the sense of outrage regarding the Eurocrats is shared by the French and Germans with whom I work. They also have the same feelings regarding the whole easy life that MEPs have. However, blaming the low turnout for the election results is something that is the realism of today, and is also attributable to the shambles of a government that we currently are lumbered with. If the UK press got off it's high horse and told the UK electorate what it needs to know about the EU, then the population might actually give a damn about the European elections. But all the populous does about the EU is cry over this or that "unfair" regulation, without looking at some of the good that there is. But then, neither does the electorate do anything about it either. But political apathy is a FAR bigger problem.
  11. Their friends and families give a sh1t, so f*ck off you xenophobic tw*t.
  12. Roof Rat at last another Brit singing from the same hymn book. For us that live in Euro-land it is soon patently obvious than only the British, led by their adversarial legal system and Health and Safety Industry, follow each rule and reg to each dotted "i" and crossed "t". Perhaps 26 out of 27 countries cannot be wrong. Why are people queuing up to join yet Brits are trying to get out.

    The rest just pick out want they want and when Brussels orders then to do something ignore it for another ten years. France and Beef ring any bells.

    Play the game do not follow the rules then its a good place.

  13. Absolutely Nutty, no argument on your comments from me.
  14. Won't get any disagreement from me, except perhaps the observation that it's not so much following the guidelines as kicking the arse out of an excessively literal interpretation of the guidelines.
  15. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Gold plating by over-zealous British civil servants has a lot to answer for. One could assume only those who are pro-Europe and in other ways 'politically correct' ever get promoted.
  16. This is a bit unfair. The then Conservative government actually agreed to metrification, raising no objections whatsoever. Had they done so it would never have become a directive. The problem is that what is popular with the IoD and CBI is not necessarily popular with the rest of the population.

    I too was born in 1963 but am more at home with pints, pounds, ounces and, er, 100 pence to the pound. Lets stick with Imperial for weights and measurements, etc, but decimal for currency please!

    ....Mind you I still write letters on handmade paper using a fountain pen, on a leather topped writing slope. It's much more pleasurable than typing it, and more personal.... especially when the recipient cannot read one's handwriting! :biggrin:
  17. Yes and how many of us say I've got a 20cm "accoutrement"
  18. what the hell is wrong with you?

    American's have been bleeding for the UK ever since we resolved our differences; first as a junior partner, now as a more senior partner.

    A more childish answer i cannot imagine.
  19. Ah well, so much for people like me, Rods, Poles an Perches, not to mention the odd ferkin or two, and asking for change from a ten bob note. :w00t:
  20. Wot's 20cm in REAL measurements? Two inches? Poor Eurocrats. Imagine having to live with that!

    Only a ferking or two..... it must be the advancing years Higgy!

    Up the Rods
    Down the Poles and
    Ferkin with a Perch.

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