Down Under TV


Currently binge watching the above Oz drama. Makes a change from
the usual American box-sets. Well worth "seeking" out.


p.s. Mosey over to my other thread and check out one of the female leads,
Emma Hamilton. She nice.
Only 3 episodes in to this quality Aussie cop show, but it is fast paced and extremely well acted. I have been a big fan of lead actor Matt Nable :) There are bombs, snipers, terrorists and corruption aplenty. I definitely love it!
Down under Films.

Oscar winning Animal Kingdom , only one actor I recognised was Guy Pearce and he only got second billing.
Family of armed robbers and their chill you to the bone mother ( Oscar) and NO Hollywood barf inducing happy ending.
Have I mentioned this one?

I believe the first series was made back in 2015, but I've heard that NETFLIX are going to take
it up and continue on from where the original left off. Dead people clambering out of graves,
but it's not your standard zombie-fest.

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