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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by lsadirty, Sep 3, 2009.

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  1. Just been watching a programme on one of the SKY Channels about the SPAD/SANDY as Elmer used to call them: the dark recesses of my mind tellls me that the FAA used to fly these as AEWs prior to the Gannet. Sure I saw a couple chase each other down Whitsand Bay in my youth, painted dark blue/black as opposed to the Gannet paint 2 tone scheme. Can anyone confirm this ? Also, the cannon armed Skyraider was the first USN aircraft to score a "gun kill" when 2 of them trashed a MIG 15 in Vietnam in a head on pass !!!!
  2. Their were quiet a few Gannets painted dark blue with black " COD Gannets " sorry to throw a spanner in the works!! 849 Naval Air Squadron is a squadron of the Fleet Air Arm, the Air Arm of the British Royal Navy. It was formed during the Second World War as a carrier based torpedo-bomber, unit, flying missions against Japanese targets in the Far East. Its service since the Second World War has been as an airborne early warning squadron, flying fixed winged Skyraiders and Gannets from the Royal Navy's fixed wing carriers from 1952 until 1978, and airborne early warning Sea King helicopters since 1982.
  3. As ever, Google is your friend and this took me all of five seconds to find (link) along with Streaky's link:

  4. Not taken your medication this morning, Scouse?


    (You cheated!)
  5. :oops: :oops: But was it the Cod Gannet or Skyraider??????
  6. HMS Bulwark, first commish, 1954-56. (from the book "HMS Bulwark 1948-1984")
    "Flying trials were due to start on 7th February (1955) ------ During the next three days, proving trials of the catapult gear were carried out --- with differently loaded Avenger, Sea Hawk, and Skyraider aircraft. ---- maintenance personnel for the ship's own aircraft were embarked at Portland on Feb 19th and the ship sailed for the Moray Firth. En route, two Skyraiders of 849 D flight were embarked."

  7. My Hermes time 1961-2 I.m sure they still used Avengers for COD and the older Gannets were the V.I.P runabouts .
    Both painted blue.
    Our own flight Gannets were 849 'c' I think

    Long time ago

  8. Wish we had some of the origional A1 Skyraiders as used by the septics in Vietnam, they'd be very useful right now in Afghan...

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