Greets all!

I resigned from my job yesterday (current three weeks of notice left to work) to join the navy as a medical assistant and as I work 44 hours a week so I'd have no time to get into shape and wouldn't be half as dedicated.

Basically, I joined this forum because I'm shitting it! I'm sure I'll be able to pass the fitness test, medical and security checks, but there's still a LOT of doubt in my mind about whether I'll get accepted.

Could somebody please set me straight? Do they turn people away a lot? Every doubt possible is there! Please help!

Nice to meet you all too, sorry, ha. I'm sure I'll become a regular face around 'ere.


War Hero
Hello Jamboree, welcome.

First off, my advice is to go and find temporary employment again as it takes on average 15 months wait from passing the recruiting test to starting training.

Medical Assistant is one of the required higher-scoring specialisations and whilst definitive statistics are not available & there are regional differences with regard pass/fail rates, it's a bit meaningless my telling you that about 70% pass selection, IF they pass the recruiting test.
Gutting! Corr, I might have to stay on at work. 15 months! I can't say I'm surprised but that was a bit of a kick in the belly. I'm not the brightest tool in the box, so the entry test might be a bit of a struggle for me, but thanks loads for the tip about the job, I could've been waiting about for donkeys for a job! (and for the snappy reply!)
Weird - my response to Jamboree's first post is above his initial Q on my screen. A job for the Good CO me thinks.
N-S I'm in CNR HQ. Didn't realise it took that long from RT to joining, so thanks.

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