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Double stacking magazines.


Does anyone know where I could get hold of proper clips to double stack magazines together? Preferably from somewhere reputable?



To answer both questions at once, I'm a just Nod who can't afford to lose a magazine when mud and rain conspire to work against maskers (or when one falls out of my jacket on an advance to contact).

I've got a couple of excercises left in training and we've been allowed to buy a few bits of non-issue kit for the field. Figured these would be mega handy...


Lantern Swinger
Stick with single mags on Ex, think of all that mud and crap that can get into the second magazine.

HK do a double clip but you will need to find one that fits your SA 80.



Lantern Swinger
AS above. Double mags are all well and good but you end up with the 'spare' mag getting all sorts of crap in it and therefore risking a jam!


FIBUA's what's on the programme in the near future. Do you reckon the cost of them is justified by how useful they are?

It was SLRs in my day but a couple of questions spring to mind, especially as I'm an ex PWI.

1. Why are your pockets undone up whilst advancing to contact? We carried SLR mags in jacket pockets for the same reason as you but I never yomped anywhere with my jacket pockets undone. Ever.
2. If you are looking to keep both mags the right way up and aligned can the SA80 handle the overlap of several centimetres from the not-in-use magazine?
3. Assuming that there is a clip out there, is it engineered to such a degree that it will hold those curved magazines absolutely securely with no risk of slippage? If not, that clip could one day be the death of you or an oppo.
4. If you are having the mags top to tail still see 2. Yes you could stagger them but then you have to think about 5.
5. If they are top to tail and are fitted into an engineered clip with no chance of failure what are you going to do the first time the now downward facing mag meets shit and grit?
6. I am sure you have considered all of the above, so I am left wondering if you are taking a short cut rather than attempting to do something which will give you an operational (training) edge?
7. All in all, is it worth the risk?

One final thought: As you know, you will first have to win the firefight. Let us suppose you use a mag or a mag and a half. You move to the assault position, change to a full mag and fix bayonet. You struggle to put your doubled up mags away now before you begin the assault and fight through. Will you need to change mag again? It all depends. But will they be doubled up? (Back to the above questions). Single? But the fight through is when you have less time to change mags. Ah, you want them for the assault and fight through as well! In that case back to points 1-5.

Conclusion with regard to the said clip
After weighing up all the factors and potential fuckups, from the point of setting off on advance to contact to the reorganisation, do the pros outweigh the cons?

I'm genuinely interested to hear your viewpoint.

Well done for getting this far, mate. Stay injury free!

Now when I was a lad!

We had a thing called a Denison Smock which could hold well you name it! All stuffed inside the top half of the smock and held up by the belt detached from CEFO. My first issue was a 1945 luxury model complete with crotch strop for when jumping to stop that uplift scenario. Usless when wet but have things changed I doubt it??

HarryBosch said:
Dig da gangsta look, bro !

Harold A. Marshall was a Canadian scout and sniper sergeant who served in the Second World War with the Calgary Highlanders' Scout and Sniper Platoon.

On 30 January 1942 the Hamilton Spectator mentioned him in an article about ongoing training simulations the Highlanders were engaged in at an undisclosed location in England.

He was wounded on 15 December 1944.[1]

The well-known photograph shown here was taken by Army photographer Ken Bell of the Canadian Film and Photo Unit near Fort Brasschaat in Belgium in September 1944.

Marshall's photograph shows equipment typical of Canadian snipers during the war. His rifle is a Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk 1 (T) and he wears a modified version of the Denison smock. Other equipment includes a No. 36M grenade and a camouflage face veil worn as a head covering.


Fair questions.

1. I had the top part of my smock zipped down, not my pockets undone. We were taught to do this so we could just wing our empty mags down the front of the smock (instead of faffing around putting them back into a pooch) where they can be retrieved from later.

This usually works quite well, but, on one occassion where I was crawling across the deck, a magazine worked it's way out of my jacket and was forever lost in the uluh...

2. No, the cocking handle doesn't sit low enough down to be obstructed by a second magazine.

3. I honestly don't know - that's why I'm asking for an informed opinion from those who might know.

4. I think the mags would have to be staggered (I mean have a gap between them) to have both mags facing up.

5. Never really liked the idea of top-to-tail mags for that exact reason. Plus, you can bend the lips of a magazine when it strikes the deck - double feeding rounds every time the working parts move, giving you constant stoppages.

6. Well, a bit of a shortcut, sure. If it saves precious seconds getting a fresh mag on, I'll happily do it.

7. I'd've thought so if it saves time getting a fresh mag on - but I'll gladly listen to the informed opinions of the older and bolder. Regarding the final thought - I'd've thought having all the mags doubled up would make sense for the reason above, especially for the assualt.

Fair responses?


Lantern Swinger
I've carried HK's with doubled up mags, the only reason for that was simplicity and ease of use (also 50 rds max)...I just don't think it would be viable in a high intensity contact situation.

You can also "lose" a single mag, with the double system you lose two.

Think of the space in your mag pouches, you almost double the length of the mags and triple the width.

Stick with your system, it works.

He's not a gangsta, then? Cheers BP, Have seen it before. Found his bio by right-clicking your pic and selecting properties, his name is there, then google imaged it.

Top-Boy, My apologies, I thought you said you started off with them stashed in your open pockets. We would put full ones in our pockets, then stash the empties inside our jackets as and when during the assault, which is what you seem to be doing. Along with Sean my advice would be to stick to that. Fasteners/clips for curved mags do not sound reliable to me, especially once they have been knocked about a bit.

You are still calling it FIBUA down there then? :thumright:


Fair one. Thanks for the advice.

As for FIBUA, the powers-that-be have decided that renaming it OBUA
was apparently a mistake so it's changed back again.
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