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Double knee surgery


War Hero
I've have had problems with my knees for years (which bootneck over the age of 30 hasn't!). I now have pain and locking particularly in my left knee, can't crack any phys and have problems with stairs!

Anyway enough life story... I'm due at the docs to discuss results of xray on the left one and look at options (arthroscopy the likely outcome I would have thought). I've had a read around the internet and I could wait to hear what's said but I'm not the most patient of patients. The questions I have are as follows:

Is double knee arthroscopy a common procedure or do they insist on doing one at a time?

What's the recovery time for arthroscopy in terms of getting back to work? (I work indoors, non-physical)

How long would it be before I could start running again?

I'd be interested in hearing the experience of others with this procedure, were you limited in what you could do post recovery or was it like being blessed with the knees of a 16 year old!?

Any advice (serious or otherwise) would be much appreciated



War Hero
As far as in Know they do one knee at a time. Had my left knee done last year, I was back at work ( office ) 6 weeks later. Started to run again after about 3 Months starting very slowly and building up. Back to former level
and am very chuffed the way it has gone. No problems at all and feels realy good.


War Hero
Thanks for the reply AC! During the 6 weeks, how long was it before you were able to bimble around the house / drive?


War Hero
I was hobbling about the house abaout a week after surgery, Driving took a little longer about 2 weeks.

I kept putting back the operation ( coward :lol: ). If i had known before
how well it went would have done it straightaway, Would have saved a lot of suffering.


War Hero
From bitter experience do not scrimp on the re-hab. If you are still in use the system and if you can get a referral to the RRU.

Two knee ops and one no re-hab. Bad as still have problems with it


War Hero
labrum said:
1. Is double knee arthroscopy a common procedure or do they insist on doing one at a time?

2. What's the recovery time for arthroscopy in terms of getting back to work? (I work indoors, non-physical)

3. How long would it be before I could start running again?


1. I've had it done without any probs. Was a bit warey about having both done at the same time but the surgeon assured me that it would not be a problem. He was right.

2. Had 2 weeks off work, and was walking without crutches after about the first week. I had to take it easy at first but a little bit of progress was made every day.

3. Was running after about 3 months but had to start off as if I was learning to run again. But you quickly get back up to full speed providing that your operation is successful.

I would advise you to have the double done as it is less traumatic. Only one operation and one recovery period.

Good luck


War Hero
Many thanks for the replies.

Drakey, pleased to hear 'doing the double' is possible, can't be doing with being off work for a minute longer than necessary.


Lantern Swinger
Have had a double arthroscopy done twice, first back in 1988 and the last one in 2005. the second time I was back at work after 2 weeks. As long as you behave and do your exercises, you should have no problems at all.
Good luck


Having both knees scoped at the same time is very much a combined decision between you and your surgeon. If it goes well, it goes very well. If it goes badly, it goes very badly. If it is a simple washout then you are more likely to get back sooner than if other things have to be done - if significant cartilage work is required then it would not be wise to have both knees done in one sitting.

Whilst the advice of other people who have had it done may seem sensible, it very much depends on what is wrong with your knees and what needs to be done. The internet and others' opinions may not help much in this one.

Anticipate return to full fitness 6 weeks following the procedure.


War Hero
Many thanks JW and angrydoc. Will see what the doc proposes, I 'm making the assumption that it is cartilage related and from what I've read people have varying experiences dependent on the nature of the damage.


War Hero
I had bits trimmed and repaired within the knee and the only concern I would have for a double hitter would be recovery. I found the physio rehab required a stronger leg to work against - I would think I would have struggled if I needed to work both legs to repair. That said I was not in a good state before the surgery so my quads were very weak (still are) and this affected my recovery.

Again talk to your doc and especially a physio who should best placed to discuss recovery (don't take me the wrong way but unless the Doc is working regularly with physios they may under estimate how much work is required.
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