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Double Jointedness?


War Hero
Right, well, I am "double jointed", which basically means that my elbow looks weird when my arm is outstretched and I can pull my thumb back to my arm and all kinds of weird stuff, would this disqualify me from entry in any way?

Ta, James.


Lantern Swinger
Ive seen it all now.


James, i am in no way qualified to answer this so i'll just give you my opinion based on assumption. No, being able to pull your thumb back, and do weird stuff with your joints shouldn't disqualify you from entry.

Assuming of course that your natural movement etc is not impaired by your 'extra' abilities.


War Hero
Likewise, I'll leave this to the experts but James, regarding the elbow; so does mine and people gag when I lay my thumb back against my forearm - seems normal to me but apparently other just can't do it. I've just spent 25 years in the RN so I don't think it will exclude you.

Others from the FAA may remember Flexiback Mario who could squeeze himself into a beer locker and regularly did.


War Hero
Sentenashi said:
Right, well, I am "double jointed", which basically means that my elbow looks weird when my arm is outstretched and I can pull my thumb back to my arm and all kinds of weird stuff, would this disqualify me from entry in any way?

Ta, James.

Again, I'm not a Doc, but the only snag immediately apparent to me is that you obviously have a lot of spare time in which to fiddle with your appendages.

Very strange indeed and it may be worth you considering which branch you may be best suited to with these unique gifts. One or two trades spring instantly to mind, assuming you score high enough in the recruiting test of course.

Seriously though, dislocations are the problem area I understand, so as long as your not doing that with your bendy bits that have bones in them, they otherwise function correctly and don't look completely hideous, there's probably not too much to worry about.


War Hero
I have been known to put my foot in my mouth on several occasions...often both feet.

This thread is worthless without pictures.


War Hero
NotmeChief said:
Don't worry about it - you will be able to kiss your arse goodbye.

Very usefull skill for pilots.

Had the need a few times but never the skill to carry out the manouver.

As for James ability to bend thumb back - well you never know when that will come in handy in a cockpit!!!!! Operate cyclic/PTT and winch at the same time. :thumright:
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