Double Bagger

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by the.rea, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. He should win some kind of prize for not making her pregnant. Think of the children!
  2. Looking at the state of the moose, there's worse places he could have stuck his tongue with consequences that don't bear thinking about!!
  3. OMG, she has teeth down there?
  4. I believe the medical term is "Vicious Circle" cuntus teethus
  5. Ha I believe there was a film that was about just that... saw it advertised think it was just called 'Teeth' looked horendous mind!!
  6. Pilot 8O 8O 8O what are you doing watching filth? that job is taken by Monty,xRD and my good self. Now go be a nice girl and powder your puff.
  7. I thought the Tyne was in Scotland....... :oops:

    The good lady in question may have used a special condom designed to defend a girl's honour (and virginity) from sailors. They are sale at every large port....


    The traditional device used in times of yore was...

  8. If every knobber's arsehole had one of those toothy devices fitted, then I'm sure that even the "Double Baggers" would have been more appealing.

    :twisted: :twisted:
  9. I wouldn't even stick my foot in that bints mouth, let alone my tongue. She needs three anti flash hoods and a fearnought suit to cover her up.
  10. Don't think any bloke will ask her for a blow job after that.
  11. Can't think of any (sober) blokes asking beforehand either, unless your surname's Bobbit
  12. If the gorgon depicted stops taking it up the slop drain and sewage pipe, she might stand a chance of getting pregnant. Assuming her boyfriend can stop giggling for 2 minutes !!

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