millionaire idea?

Just had an idea how to make feckin' millions.

I need a Website Designer to design a Website that shall henceforth be called:

The idea is simple (along the lines of Friends Reunited - and they made a bundle)
****** will be the portal for all the off-spring love children of ALL you sowers-of-seeds who were in the forces, and left little children in all nine corners of the world. They can simply log on (for a nominal fee) and search our extensive database to try and seek out the errant matelot/crabfat/marine etc who left their mummy a "present" before going to Harbour Stations etc.
Imagine your surprise, when three 40 year-old Singapore residents turn up on your doorstep in Saltash yelling "Daddy!".
Yes indeed, you could have American/Maltese/Gibraltarian/whatever offspring (DNA is a wonderful thing).
Your wife will be thrilled beyond belief to know that she now has eleven more birthdays to remember!

I think its a licence to print money.......any investors out there? :thumright:

Having thought about your idea for a little while it may be worthy of a small modification. Email the whole male population on the Internet with your scheme, ask for a donation of £1:00 not to instigate it. Hopefully many will forward you the £1:00 and you will make your fortune.


War Hero
Slims Got it about right, get hold of of the service records of everyone who has serverd in the last 40 years and tell them the data base is up and running, for a small fee of £3.50 they can opt out of it and the researchers will omit there details getting submitted into the secure computer vault for 20 years.

Permanent exclusion is a one of fee of £85.
There a few of you with sweaty top lips then? ^_^;
Sir Alan Sugar told me to f**k off as well.

Oh well, back to the drawing board.

....I've got this Chacon-full of Rolf Harris Stylophones to clear....... :biggrin:
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