Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by (granny), Jul 25, 2009.

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  1. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Have noticed on occasions Senior Ratings talking about being DO's. Give me a hard time if you like but when did SR's take over this job? To me it sounds a great idea, usually the Chief or Petty Officer always knew the men better than the Officers. Or have I got it all wrong?
  2. CPO - just done three years as a full-time DO for lads on LH course. met some right snaggy bloke with extra snaggy problems - however loose lips and all that.
  3. Have been both a DO and a Div S/R. I agree sometimes your DO is so remote they rely on the Div S/R for everything, especially on a large Sqdn
  4. Best DO I ever had was a Chief, worst DO I ever had was LT.

    If you are reading this CPO P**ne you are a legend.

    If you are reading this LT R*m you are a cock and I'm glad you got banged out in the Wardroom at Collingrad.
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  5. Best DO I ever had was a Subby, (SUY mind). Kept me in the mob he did, awesome mitigation!
  6. When I did DOs course there was only one young officer on it. The rest of the class were all WO & CPOs.

    I think it's generally a good thing, although it does mean more work! What my lads now have is a DO with lots of years behind him, who has been in their shoes. I've been the young single bloke, living in and pissing up every night, and I've also gone on to have a family and so understand the pressures that brings with it. I believe that's preferable to a young officer, straight out of university, who is just starting out in his life and his career. Hopefully, having been a member of a division for nearly 20 years, I've picked up a few lessons about what makes a good or a bad DO too.
  7. My DO's course was full of SRs.

    As long you are 2 ranks greater than the div member you can be their DO.
  8. I thought that was the ruling for 1RO. Don't you have to be a CPO to be a DO?
  9. Nah!

    A PO can be a DO to ABs.
  10. Was a DO to Phase 2's for my last 3 years (I was a CPO). DO's course was a mix of SR's and young Ossifers and, to be honest, they didn't have a clue.
  11. I think, though I can't prove it right now, that MLP is right. The 2 ranks greater is for reporting officers. While POs may find themselves doing a DOs job, CTG (or whatever they're calling themselves this month) say you have to do DOs course first and be at least a Chief. The only exception is a PO who has been selected but not yet promoted.
  12. Very unlikely as Dartmouth/Collingwood do not take POs on DOs course unless said PO will get his rate Local Acting, therefore a PO will not be a DO, but a DSR instead.
    In my last sea draft every single CPO(WE) and most MEs were DOs. Unfortunatley a symptom of wardroom sloping down more shit to 2 deck, officers getting paid more for doing less, you gotta love this navy.
  13. I've said it before, you get the Officers (and DOs) you deserve. If SRs and WOs are willing to put the time, occasionally bollock young Officers but also be genuinely helpful, as opposed to being the cynical [email protected] you lot can be, then you get a decent Officer; conversely the opposite is true. I'm ever grateful to my first Dept for helping me grow, and hopefully I'm a half decent Officer...

    Let the banter begin!!!!
  14. It really is branch dependant, as a WE I can only really comment on our section officers, the young Officers within the branch are totally dependant upon their senior rates to get them through that draft as a section officer, it is a two way evolution and we do grow some excellent officers.
    When I look at the junior warfare officers, it can be quite exasperating for my CHOPs colleagues. Invariably when SJAR deadline reports come round, it is always the OOWs who are late with their division's reports, whilst the Senior Rates are bang on time. This is even more important as promotion for the lads hinges on the SJARs, and a rushed ill thought out report isnt going anyone promoted. This is more frustrating as it appears whilst at sea, the junior officers seem to do little but their own watches.
    This isnt a sweeping statement covering all warfare, there is some considerate, excellent OOWs out there.
  15. I did the course as a PO but like you say I was getting my LA shortly afterwards.
  16. My relationship with my D.O.s was simple as;- I hated them and they hated me and the only thing my last D.O recommended me for was "The highest possible punishment." Bastard! I did not ask him round .
  17. You clearly demonstrated a willingness to learn and walk before you tried to run.In my experience (30 years ago now) the output from BRNC seemed very reluctant to show they had any kind of shortcoming however obvious it was to the men they were working with.Most found it necessary to keep a healthy distance between themselves and the Lower Deck.
  18. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Only half decent? Go round again and get the other half.
  19. And that's why SD (now SUY?) officers usually make very good DOs. They can't be bullsh*tted, they recognise promise when they see it even if the lad/lass themself isn't aware of it, and they can spot a skate from three miles away.
  20. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    I had a young cousin, since died, who was a Lt.S&S, after a few weeks on his first ship he said that his worst job was as DO. How could he only in his 20's advise ratings, including SR's, on their troubles. He had enough issues to deal with himself, never mind advising 30 or 40 year olds.

    Thank you all for getting me up to date on the subject.

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