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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Taffd, Aug 28, 2013.

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  1. Door Gunners in CHF are Aviation Crewmen or Aircrewmen. Are the lads from 43 Commando who man the guns on warship's helos similarly trained aircrew, or do they have a different qualification?

    I ask out of idle curiosity, having just seen a news report; if this quezzy risks any sort of SEC, please ignore and castigate accordingly.
  2. All changed since my day so no idea!!!
  3. They are selected from a cadre at 43 Cdo, and then placed on a bespoke training course. Most of them then want to go on their PW3 Course thereafter (5 of 6 I have recently worked with, which is apparently the usual ration).
  4. Taffd, did you use the search box at the top of the page. I just did, using 'door gunner' and I got nine pages of hits!

    We have discussed this many times. From AET's wanting to know, to RM snipers sat in doors of Lynx.

    Fraid Scouse is right!!!
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  5. Oddly enough, no. Most of the searches I've done have involved 'aircrewman', and I thought I'd covered it all, though I seem to have read many of the 'door gunner' threads as well.

    Those that are about are mostly over 2 years old and I've not seen an answer to the specific question I asked.

    As I understand it, in the last couple of years stuff at CHF has changed and I suppose changes are ongoing. I don't know if it's always been the case but door gunners are now Aviation Crewmen, part of the aircrew, with flying duties other than gunning. As such they have to attend the relevant course. I assume RN crewmen have similar but different roles on ship-bourne helos. And all will be rigged out in flying type rig accordingly.

    From previous phots I've seen, RM snipers in the helos appear to be separate from the aircrew and I assume, only along for the specific mission and not rigged out in flight gear, though I'm unsure if that's the case.

    The phot that sparked my interest yesterday was a ship-bourne Bootie from 43, avec flying helmet, rig etc. I wondered if these types were Aviation Crewmen who'd left CHF, or if indeed they were Aviation Crewmen, or weren't but had done a shorter course.

    Alfred's partly answered the question, and thanks for that Alfred.
  6. As far as I'm aware (been out a few yrs) the guys doing the shooting are not trained crewmen, they are employed purely for the job. The crewmen are trained on the various CSW seen dangling from the doors and not the Sniper wpns.
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep, one of the Corporals at my AFCO was a PW3, (para-trained, former Recce troop operative) who did a stint door-gunning with a 0.5 calibre, shooting-out the engine blocks on 'go-fast' outboards in the Caribbean.

    He wasn't aircrew.
  8. Did he have the Jason King moustache?:rofl:
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  9. But apparently all lynx door gunners in CHF are Aviation Crewmen, and in the other CHF squadrons, Aircrewmen, and thus have an aircrew role while flying.

    It would appear, and I'm guessing here, that the 43 type gunners, snipers or machine-gunners, have no aircrew role and, as said previously, it was the 'flight-suitedness' in the phot I saw, that raised the question.

    Ta to all.
  10. It's also the case apparently, that PW3 is an entry requirement for Aviation Crewman.
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Aha, every day is a school day. Cheers Taff
  12. And now virtually impossible to get into, apparently.
  13. Are the doors very small then?
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  14. You'll have to give me a year or two to try and think up an even mildly humorous response, at the moment, I've got zilch.
  15. That'll be difficult, do you know the pass rate for PW3 or Aviation crewman?
  16. No. But as I understand it, PW3 is a relatively new thing; PW2 (Cpl level) was the entry point to the spec previously, as it's a teaching spec, like PTI.

    At around the same time as the first PW3 course, CHF decided that all future Lynx door gunners would come from the PW3 spec. Also, door gunners would all be Aviation Crewmen, part of the flight crew. I think Lynxes are now obliged to carry the rear cabin crew on all flights. Anyway, CHF did a recruiting drive around the same time and because of this, the waiting list is mahoosive.

    Therefore, one first has to pass out as a Commando, then go to a unit, opt for and get PW branch, opt for Aviation Crewman, be selected from all applicants, pass flight assessments, attend Aviation Crewman course and pass.

    I suspect that, as with most courses, the pass rate will be fairly high.

    None of the above should be taken as gospel, I don't actually know anything. It's all gleaned from 2nd/3rd hand sources.
  17. :sad7:Mate you sound good enough to make an Officer .....but not an aircrewman, not even a door gunner , pinger , Junglie Aimer ,winchman,or even a Diver. well not in my time in the FAA:nike:
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