Dont you just wish......

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, Sep 12, 2008.

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  1. that you'd washed your hands after cutting up chillis before having a slash?

    Arrrrrrrgh! ^_^;
  2. Call for a white taxi to A and E
    No problem :)

    Jack McH
  3. ... You brought your own water to Tijuana?

    *runs for the bathroom*
  4. That would be an absolute waste of much needed resources,it would be better to stick it in a cup of very cold water. :thumright:
  5. Don't use water. The stingy stuff is oily, and does not readily form an emulsion with water (which is why drinking water to take away the effects of a curry is a shortlived remedy). Use milk, yoghurt, cheese etc.
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

  7. Being a confirmed chillihead, I had a fun afternoon involving copious amounts of beer and a large bowl of home made salsa made from the usual ingredients and Dorset Naga chillis.
    It made the wife's lips go numb.

    However, I'm trying to get my hands on some of these:

    Pain is good!
  8. The advice came too late for me. I did exactly that last week. Jeez it fcuking hurt!
  9. i have the perfect way to avoid the effects of chillis......... just don't touch them or eat them how simple is that

    i cant understand why people like to eat hot/spicey things where is the enjoyment in haveing your mouth being on fire and your throte closing up ( maybe thats just me) whats wrong with eating bangers and mash or shepards pie?
  10. Once known as the ''Magmaloo'' you should try this place Streaky :hungry:
  11. Cor, I wish I liked the finer things in life, like wot you do!
  12. Didn't the guy die who owned the curryhouse die not so long back?

    He bought a title as well, Lord of pissed Geordies, or something.

    I can confirm that in my younger days, I would have been having a go!
  13. ........oh, and while I think on.

    After chopping up the Dorset Nagas, I made damned sure I washed my hands thoroughly, in fact I washed them twice.

    Upon going for a slash, I found out it had made no difference whatsoever

    I was more like John Wayne than he was!
  14. Think you are right about the owner popping his clogs.

    Incidently, the ''chattering classes'' of Londistan think that 'they' served up the hottest curry a couple of months back, Wonathan Woss involved.
  15. Any fool can tip a pot of chilli powder into a curry, and call it "hot".

    Fresh chillis actually have some taste, whereas too much chilli powder makes a meal gritty.

    But pickled chillis and beer, a bunch of lads, a combination made for a laugh!
  16. Yeah I get Birds Eye chillies from Tesco, you can hold the stalk and snip them into bits with kitchen scissors so no bother getting the hot oil on your fingers, very tasty, as you say much better than the flakes.
  17. back on thread

    dont you wish you'd -

    asked if it was alright to insert a finger into a back fanny before asking whilst indulging in an "un chien" encounter.
  18. Said finger, has it just been chopping Dorset Nagas, if so, don't you wish you'd been strapped on more securely?
  19. no

    in her mouth carrying out the "fishhook" manouevre
  20. Ah!, that's where I went wrong!

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