don't want to be in a fcuking 'peleton'

Since recently returning to cycling after a gap of over 20 years I've come to the conclusion that the most dangerous people for cyclists are other cyclists. They overtake too close, cycle in a repulsive parody of the peleton, they don't queue behind each other but weave every way possible to form a great gang at the front of the traffic and of course the ubiquitous running the red light. I actually saw a guy nearly get killed yesterday morning in Stockwell. The tosser went straight through the red light and met up with a car coming out at the junction and had to take serious evasive steps. Best one coming home was the guy executing the stationary wobble (because he's too cool or fcuked up to put his foot on the ground) and frightening the life out of a young woman with a pram on the zebra crossing who thought he was about to head straight for her.

You will not be surprided to hear that the majority of these scumbags are of the non-female gender.

:threaten: :threaten: :threaten:

rant over