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Dont walk on the grass???


Ive heard the saying "Dont walk on the grass" whilst you are at HMS Raleigh! But what does this mean as such? Is this Navy slang? Or is it another typical joke?? :rendeer:


War Hero
Oh dear not KEEP OFF THE GRASS or you will be "Man overboard" you had to wait till you were recovered AND you were charged... havent heard that one in years :rendeer:


Why at Raleigh you should keep off the grass?? From what ive been told you will get drilled for it because there is a reason for keeping off it lol
Lamri’s definition in the first instance is perfectly correct.
However, I suspect that, today, ‘Keep off the grass’
refers to Marijuana.

I trust that this clears up the confusion.



War Hero
The simple answer, if the same criteria apply as they did when I was last at Raleigh, is that there are roadways and tarmac pathways, in between which are landscaped areas, mainly laid to grass. The RN does not like to continually state the obvious, but also does not wish it's nice green lawns to be transformed into a quagmire by hundreds of pairs of parade boots stomping all over them whilst seeking a shortcut. Since the current yoof seems to be incapable of appreciating anything of beauty, such as a nicely laid lawn, without wanting to play football, or skateboarding, or something similar, on it, it will be pointed out to them on entry, that transgressing onto grassed areas in HMS Raleigh will not be appreciated, and will thereafter be discouraged. This, in rough translation, will be heard as:-



lol...noo a friend of mine who has been in for years told me not to "walk" on the grass...Ive asked him why and all he says is "you will find out why at Raleigh" As in he wont tell me...I am guessing you guys know but wont tell me why either??? :(


War Hero
2BM just told you. It's to protect the grass from getting turned into mud. The grounds are looked after not to be trashed.

Again if you walk on it you get a good b***cking if seen.

People have told you already but you don't believe us lol

Collingwood was the same when I was there no doubt probably is the same lol


Oh shut up lol :) I bet now when it comes to Raleigh time there is a reason other than you have said...or my "so called mate" is pulling my leg...By the sounds of it pulling it off more like!! lol


War Hero
FFS Keep of the grass means keep off the grass. There isn't any other leg pulling joke about it. It stops people wrecking the grass turning into frigging mud.

Which part of that don't you understand?


tommo said:
FFS Keep of the grass means keep off the grass. There isn't any other leg pulling joke about it. It stops people wrecking the grass turning into frigging mud.

Which part of that don't you understand?

Tommo, chill chill it is the season to be jolly :p
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