Don't upset the Tiptoe Boys

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by bigbaddog, Jul 16, 2007.

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  1. Fucking MoD coppers grip my shit - swanning around the Mess dining halls in the Wardroom and WO/SRs Mess. They should stick to what they do best - checking passes on the gates and issuing parking tickets. Rant over...

    Oh, totally agree BBD - shocking...
  2. Not a fan of this sort of thing either but if the club was losing money hand over fist they needed to do something. If there is a problem with Walts swanning about in SF tie pins, etc then the membership need to revisit their dress regulations and work in some amendments.

    Shore side these days there are MOD Plod, etc in practically every mess. Also wedged with MOD Civil Service personnel, etc these days. Without their subs, etc a lot wouldn't be able to function. It is not an ideal situation but what is the alternative? Double or triple current mess fees? It wouldn't go down well at all.

  3. Thing is, I can't understand how some effing plod could have the brass knockers to actually think he or she would belong there!!
    Do they honestly think they are on a par with the real SF?
  4. Mod Plod must be braver than I thought!!
  5. I wonder if i could join , did shore patrol a few times so should be ok , doubt if the sas/sbs would be happy though ,

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