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Dont understand this waiting business?


Good evening everyone, This is my first post, as you could proberly tell.
Used the search function, read up about HMS Raleigh freezing intakes till easter. This is where my question falls into place.
I sat my test at the begining of June, and i was told i would have to wait 18 months till entry. But this 'Freeze' , how will it effect me? i would of thought add 6 months, but some different things i have read, say take a little bit off the added 6 months. I dont want to sound like a simpleton, but its confused me :/
By the way, im joining up as a WS (SM)

So your help will be much appreciated!

Many thanks!



War Hero
The only safe answer that you will get on this will come from your own careers office. Adding six months on to the eighteen you were previously given will give you a ball-park figure.
Yes you are probably looking at approx 24 months for WS (SM), But you should give you careers advisor a call to check for definite. You will probably have to wait until about 12 months before entry before you do the rest of the selection process.

Hang in there



I think this is where I'm currently at, I want to go in as a ET:ME (SM) I've done the recruit test and I'm just waiting on hearing about an interview, medical and PJFT. I last spoke to the the CA at the AFCO back in September last year and he advised me that medicals wouldn't happen until I was less than 12 months from a join date. I suppose I'm just waiting on an interview or a letter saying "sorry your not what we are looking for". It's tempting to call in to the AFCO for an update on things but I don't want to seem pushy and annoying, on the same token I don't want to seem like I don't give a toss. Is it worth popping in and speaking to someone or should I just get on with things and wait and see?
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Wait until mid February and then give them a call. We should hopefully be finding out the new recruiting figures for the 2011-2012 recruting year towards the end of this month and we should then be able to give you a more educated guess

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