Dont speed in Georgia

I can see it now......speeding vehicles torn to shreds by a strafing run by an A10 painted in Highway Patrol colours :p

Bit like the original Dragnet type plane thingie
Rumour has it that all the traffic cameras will be turned off ( Cornwall ). Reported in the local rag, but I'm unable to find a link.
Will post the link when I track it down.
Many moons ago, my new wife, (well the first and only one) and I were driving from Deadloss in her brand new 1.8 diesel escort, to Jannerland for a quick visit. Left first light to miss the traffic thru the bottlenecks of Ringwood/Dorch/Brid/Honiton. Those who drove those roads in the 70's and 80's know what I mean. Anyway, her car had a 0-60 in the same day and a flat out top speed of around 85 ish. So as some of you know, when the Okehampton by pass was built, saved time in the town BUT there was a feckin steep hill going up t'other side. So I floored down the hill didnt I, got up to just over 85, impressive yeh.......then plod appeared in my RVM didnt he. Fecker was on the flyover and with his really up to date timing "computer", timed me between the 2 flyovers and got an everage speed and pulled me over.

Sat me in the back seat of his "police spec Escort" and gave me the usual patronising.."do you know why we pulled you over " crap. Yes i said, I got a bit of speed up on the down side to get me up the other side...........AND? "Well we clocked you at 84 Sir"! says plod. gave him a quizical look and said, "and". "Well its a dangerous bit of road as there have been one or two accidents where people have been going too fast past the layby and there have been accidents", says plod, "and thats why we pulled you over".

"Was there anyone in the layby", asks I, "no" says plod. "So it wasnt dangerous then", says I. "My car is a heap o shit 1.8 diesel escort and I needed to get some speed down , so that I could get up the other side. Its perfect driving weather, great vis, no other cars on the road. Was I driving without due care, etc". Plod asks for licence, sees id card, smiles, writes ticket for doing 80, says **** off.

Gotta love em. Now that little bit of dual carraigeway between Bridport and Dorchester, now thats another story!
Gotta love em. Now that little bit of dual carraigeway between Bridport and Dorchester, now thats another story!

Was driving that bit with a car load on w/e from Pompey to Guzz, cracking speed along the top for a considerable distance then a rather quick decent over a blind hill. Bit of a barsteward when you start the decent and clear the brow to be confronted with a stationary car and jacknifed caravan. Stout pair of dunghampers heartily recommended.

Cornwall News | Massive cutbacks could mark end to speed cameras on busy West roads
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