Don't panic Captain Mainwaring

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Flagdeck, Feb 23, 2014.

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  1. It'll be blown up out of all proportion.
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  2. You laugh! Local beach after the last storm ... member of the public rings up "found a hand grenade on the beach" ... Many scenes of frantic arm waving etc follows together with numerous flashing blue lights all going at Mach 10 decending on said beach ... only to find yet another cliff fall has buried the thing under hundreds of tons of blue slipper ... so now they are going to wait until the next storm unearths the thing and some amateur fossil hunder trips over it ... and round we go again!
  3. Im no bombhead but the first picture looks like a load of 28lb practice bombs...??
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  4. ....and, they've been 'positioned' for best photographic effect.....never let the truth get in the way of a good dit. :toothy8:
  5. Captain Mainwaring? Seriously? Is that how it was spelt? After all these years of Dad's Army, I thought it was Captain Mannering!!

    Pshaw, they be calling Ralph Fiennes Rayf next.
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  6. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  7. One of my favourite toff name is Cholmondley .....pronounced Chumley. Then there is, of course, the young Sub Lt to Captain....'Farquahar har sar !'
  8. ..... and Featherstonehaulgh is pronounced Fanshaw

    ..... and in Scotland Marjoriebanks is pronounced Marshbanks

    Any more?
  9. There's one on the Black Isle in North Scotland (which is a misnomer already as it isn't actually an island) called Avoch. Pronounced without the "Av". And no, it is not Ock.
  10. You say Althorp and I say Altrup


  11. A couple more:

    I also knew a naval officer with the forename St Clair but pronounced Sinclair.
  12. Also from Scotland, in fact the 'Burg, is Colquhoun Square and Street, pronounced Caw hoon and of course the old favourite towards Glasgow, Milngavie, pronounced Mill guy.

    And it really boils my piss when the BBC go on about the town further north calling it Oh ban when ffs it is just like it says on the sign, Oban!
  13. I feel your pain SB. From my own neck of the woods, Dunveeegan (it is just Dunvegan) and Yooig (it is Uig, pronounced Ooig). And if they cannot manage that then you can imagine the endless entertainment in hearing them try to pronounce Sligachan.

    But all it does is prove that they are not local people!

    Then again, I must be a similar source of entertainment wherever I travel by doing exactly the same thing . . .

    Live and learn, eh.
  14. On either Antrim or Eskimo, can't remember which one, was a two ringer named Gash, but he insisted it was pronounced Gaish! I can remember a good few occasions at sea when it was piped "Gaish may now be ditched!"
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  15. May have chucked this on here before, but hey ho, PO at Vincent called Death, he pronounced it De-Ath, me I'd have gone with Death
  16. Another jock one is Menzies which apparently pronounced Mingez.
  17. There was a Chief in Dolphin years ago who may have been called Sidebottom. He may have insisted it was pronounced Siddy Bott Ham.
  18. There was a pilot on 820 called Lt Dible, he expected us to call him Lt D(ie)ble however he was just known as Officer Dible :)

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  19. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    During my time in and working with the mob I came across several people whose surnames were all spelt very differently yet were all pronounced Cock. There were also a few double-barrelled to Fcuking-Cock and a couple of Complete-Cocks

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