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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by OhSoCescyBaby, Feb 25, 2010.

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  1. I've read various threads on this forum board about "going on a draft for 18 months" what does this mean exactly? Going out to sea for 18 months with no leave? Or something else...
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    Something else
  3. Would have been many moons ago, some drafts were 24 months long, but not nowadays. I think 6months would be, about par for course nowadays!!! and some :roll: :roll: :roll: never go to sea at all. PS your leave is accumalated, to be taken when you return home.
  4. They generally mean they've been drafted to a unit for 18 months which could be alongside, deploying, in maintenance or whatever.
  5. They generally mean they've been drafted to a unit for 18 months which could be alongside, deploying, in maintenance or whatever.
  6. It used to mean that you were sent to serve in a specific ship or unit for the period of 18 months.
    Now during this time a ship may just spend the whole 18 months alongside the jetty in Plymouth or Portsmouth.
    Or you may be lucky and the ship will deploy to the West indies for six months.
    If this is what is termed a Front Line draft, then you may find that leave during this period is a little haphazard, you will get some but it may not be at normal times (Christmas & Easter Etc.) If this is the case then any untaken leve is normally taken at the end of the draft before joining next draft.
    In the old days of Two years drafts to a ship in the Far East Fleet (we used to have them) this often meant matelots going on leave for three months between drafts.
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