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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by jimjimjimjim, May 10, 2009.

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  1. Just wondered if there were any lads outbound before there time on here. Im due out early next year and will be a pair of months shy of 10 years, anybody in a similar situation?
  2. Why are you leaving?
  3. To be honest there is no major stand alone reason but many small niggles if you will. I have said before on here somewhere or another that i dont wanna drip as it seems to be a one stop shop for rouge`s on there way in and they can find out for themselves. But since you asked i would site disatisfaction with PCP as my main reason, a little change is healthy but i doubt many on this site would recognise the andrew any more.

    The Royal Navy. RIP
  4. Not sure but i think its personal change program, although it may be personnel change program any way the re-structuring of the branches to form CIS, SEA, ET, and WS. Load of shite!
  5. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    PCP-personnel change programme. And it is shite.
  6. Same here, I'm out 23 Jan 2010. My reasons are my own but I certainly don't regret anything.

    Except perhaps running over that mod plod sh1ters...........
  7. Why? Did he/she live? :twisted:
  8. Is that your end date then shippers or the date you join nelson/drake to give them your bats and rezzy? How long you done and what you planning shipmate, dont worry i`ll not nick your ideas honest jack!
  9. Leaving as a PO so have gone the project / risk management route, throbbing I know but fcuk it, I just fancy going home every night. I've had sales jobs thrown at me, not sure I fancy that though. Also CP and Ops management work abroad.

    To be honestg I'm not that arsed what I do I just like the idea of knowing where I'll be next week and be able to actually plan ahead.
  10. I left before before my time was up. I do miss it but I don't regret it. I wouldn't be where I am today if I didn't. It was a hard decision though

    I'm still jack as and I'm still in the maritime industry.
  11. I left after 23. Would have gone earlier if I had got to Joke Farce Harrier earlier in my career.
    Remember there is still loads of work out there, and don't underestimate you potenial to employers.
  12. That's been the killer for me too.
  13. Plenty of work here MLP!!!
  14. 10 years mate, means little or no experience of what is was like prior to warfare branch, belive you me PCP is a vast improvement on OMs for us WEs and the dabbers, if you're a loggie or stoker changes had to made, simply wih our reduced manpower
  15. Where? Hawaii? Tokyo? Melbourne?
  16. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Not strictly true for us clankies mac. We could have got by as we were. Lots of money saved though using PO's in former CPO billets. :wink:
  17. "Sorry" Cambridge!!! Tends to be 2 degrees warmer that Stamford!
  18. Indeed. WBD was a complete nightmare, although a big part of that was half-arsed implementation rather than the concept itself. PCP is a huge improvement.

    That said, people leave for all kinds of reasons, stated and unstated. The main thing is to make as much use of the resettlement facilities as possible, and know what is wanted from it. It's too easy to get railroaded down the HGV/ BAE Systems/ Flagship route.

    And never, ever, hand off responsibility for your CV.
  19. Warfare branch was a major factor in me putting notice in all that time ago. No way did O want to be a bloody glorified dabber. Was pointless from the start as has been demonstrated by the new ET branch being formed, which when you look at it looks a lot like WE before WBD. I had many Chiefs who saw the writing on the wall and told us all the horror stories from EBD which in itself was a total cock-up. Seems pusser never learns.

    Good luck on the outside, really isn't so bad out here.

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