dont give a s**t!!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brazenhussy, May 22, 2007.

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  1. As some one who found watching the grass grow too exciting and chaged the garden to paving etc, I for the sake of my heart will not be watching.
  2. the first one... maybe even the second one was interesting.. but i have found them to be getting very lame............ a show that pits the worst of people against each other........makes me cringe
    maybe the next show should be full of realy OLD people... who will argue over how to make spotted dick... or knitting,,,, now that would be funny
  3. Problem is, these vacuous non-entities will get more column inches than people dying whilst on active service in Iraq and Afghanistan
    They will also end up earning more money

    No I dont give a flying f**k about BB never watched it never will

    I think your best mate needs to get a life :wink:
  4. Each to his own, but do people who watch this tripe really have more than one brain cell?
  5. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Apparently Faye Turney and Mr. Bean are gonna be in there... 8O
  6. Babe- unfortunately that would not surprise me!!!
  7. Don't people realise that this whole farce is just a licence for endomol productions to print money? Idiots!
  8. Make it more interesting, put them in a de-commissioned boat, sink it and give them until the oxygen runs out to work out how to get the boat back on the surface. The challange will be who is gonna go outside to cut those hugh fcuking chains securing the boat to the seabed right in the middle of the live firing exercise or put the fecking house on a live fire sight and lock the feckers in then bomb/shoot/blow the crap out of it......

    Sorry, im getting fed up with these so called 'wanna be' numpty arrse wipes who get their face on telly just to prove how vacuous and empty their lives and heads are.
  9. Personally I thought that theyd eradicated any future ideas or plans for another Big Brother after the last out cry from that binter Jade Goody.

    However, i shouldnt admit to this, but i am actually looking forward to it.
  10. for christ sake get a life
  11. oh hun - get out more!!!
  12. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You're right - you shouldn't have!! Seriously down in my estimations... :roll:
  13. Those who read the bun, have to be one sarnie short of a picnic, though my OH's sister watches the programme avidly (God knows why :? ) !?

    I can't see why this is in Lil's either - more a relevant post in Gash barge I'd have thought :p
  14. I am getting really really excited about BB8, yup really

    SO excited in fact i m thinking of ripping the ariel off the roof and using the sky dish as a sieve, cancelling the papers and emigrating the most godforsaken rock off the coast of Scotland.

    I do not know anyone who will admit to watching this crap, so where do they get the numbers.????????
  15. What a load of Bollocks, utter crap, I would rather watch paint dry :D
  16. Tried that but found it to exciting
  17. YES - if you wish to watch some brainless creatures perform in a "goldfish bowl" then why not buy a bowl full of goldfish :?: :?
  18. can you imagine saturday night tv - the crappy grease programme thing or the one on bbc, followed by BB8 - i just thank the lord bloody x factor isnt on as well.

    Remind me why i have a tv???????????????????
  19. You have TV to fall asleep too, its all its fecking fit for, but to be honest, i do like watching Sponge Bob, and the Simspons :oops:

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