Don't forget your PAYCUT next month.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, Mar 15, 2008.

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  1. From April, the income tax rate will be cut by 2% from 22% to 20% - Hurraaaaaaa

    From April, the income tax starter rate of 10% will be abolished - Booooooooo

    This will have the biggest effect on those earning 10-£17,000 who will pay more tax so hitting the lowest paid in favour of the higher paid yet again.

    Also national insurance is changing at the same time so between them, the ordinary man is hammered again.

    This was all announced by the highwayman Brown in last years budget and kept very quiet ever since.

    When are you 'mongs' who support labour gonna learn.
  2. And described by him as a simplification of the tax system - he omitted to mention that it was he who had introduced it in the first place!
  3. Yep, hit twice. First paying slightly more income tax a month to help ease the burden on the hard pressed middle classes who mortgaged themselves to the hilt and now want handouts.... oooo sorry, I mean "incentives" to keep going. I'd forgotten I'd be hit by higher NI too. O well, time to batten down the hatches, showaleg, and see if anyone's desperate enough to pay for for an evening's crushing, suffocating, quite possibly sensual (after I've plied them with enough booze) sex. ;) :biggrin: Love handles included all over my body to aid grip! :twisted: :lol:


    Oops.... sorry, I'm afraid that's one I took of Nutty just as he met me at the airport.

    Me before going for liposuction


    Me afterwards....

  4. Nice one Steve - I'm beginning to fancy you already!
    It just so happens that I am in the bracket that "dips in", according to the Daily Wail. Single pensioners in my range are up by about a tenner a week. Yet to be proved of course, but I look forward to confirmation in due course!!


    PS. I paid my mortgage off when I retired 12 years ago, but my mortgage protection policy matures this month. How lucky can my grandchidren get?
  5. Since when did any member worry about the working classes they get their wedge what ever they do no production levels in Whitehall............ ........."Spoil your votes" they have to be counted remember that way you vote no confidence in any of yer
  6. Disabilty up a tenner.

    Water rates up council rates up. What fecking tenner!

    Not long before the bin emptying charge enters. Of course in Ireland it has been in for years I am waiting for some knob to shout!!

    In Ireland no water rates and no council rates.
  7. In the civil service those at the top pay consultants to take they responsibility they once took and now get paid more for delegating to others. At the bottom you have more work to do for less pay, in real terms, than you earned 10 years ago: Typical working day (remember I work part time now due to disability) 6-7 hours without a break for £900 a month. My season ticket alone costs me £130 a month. Council tax just under £100 a month. Other bills come to around £250 a month plus higher living/additional travelling costs (taxis) because of disabilities add another £200 a month. Were it not for my disability benefits I would be significantly better off taking medical retirement. However I want to work and refused the latter when it was offered three years ago.
  8. Thingy ........Thankyou :thumright: for showing what i said was right that they really dont give a dam :pukel: about their own staff so why should they even think about the likes of myself and others like me it stinks :toilet: case rested .............

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