don't forget what you MUST do tonight


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Well, sh*t on shi*t. Australia (eastern states) decided not to change this weekend but leave it til next. Big oops! Nobody bothered to check software of : airport clocks, rail station clocks, any other computerised clocks. Yea, everyone knew we were'nt changing but all of a sudden we are 1 hour out. Big bollox all round.

Me ? My pc clock still ok and since I work trop routine no wucking furries.


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Ha, was just skyped by my cousins (in Geelong and Mcleod) - they are well mixed up because of that!

Very jealous - visited Melbourne last year for the first time, didn't want to come back. Which oddly is how my uncle is out there, jumped ship in 1953!
Religiously went around to change the clocks when I retired last night, somewhat confused. Alas, I woke Herr Indoors during the process, and got severely abused for my pains. Even worse this morning when I told her I hadn't done the clocks downstairs, so was having a lie-in....

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