Don't Forget to Say Goodnight!

NZ_Bootneck said:
All involved have Olde English surnames I see.
Victim; Piotr Bielicki.
Accused: Ericas Cicienas, Ricardas Kozevnikovas and Augustinas Baltrunas.
Must have been fun for the Court Staff reading out those names!
Well they stated the latin names how does that translate to English.

When they buy the cancer sticks why don't they buy a lighter I always ask myself. Got a light mate No I don't smoke nobody does these day's.

Favourite quote.

Sentenced to life in prison. Must serve at least six years!!!
thingy said:
Dear me, importing thuggery. We'll be importing buggery next!
Really? I thought we'd been exporting buggery for generations.

Well, buggering-up other countries, anyway.

I was interested in this fine piece of reporting:-
kicked him so hard in the stomach that blood vessels broke.
Call me pedantic, but that's normally called a bruise.

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