Don't Axe MP's Spouses! We should "AXE" MP's

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Nov 1, 2009.

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  1. Was she not the one who sacked her husband?
    He seems to have been judged to be corrupt by an Italian court
  2. And his missus! :wink:
  3. No, she is married to a Union official called Jack Dromey.
  4. Having watched the whole interview with "hopeless"Hattie I am not encouraged to believe that our MP's will take the medicine that is being prescribed for them.As per usual she refused to pinned down on almost any point of detail.The much lauded but yet largely unformed Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority are supposed to be in charge of policing the MPs but I reckon by the time the new rules reach them there will have been emasculated and plenty of wriggle room will be left to interpret the rules as the MPs see fit.i.e. Back to square one.
    Who will be appointing the IPSA anyway. :?: It wouldn't be anyone currently serving as an MP by any chance. :?:
  5. Remember it now he's the "treasurer" who didn't know anything about the "funds" and didn't they take out a 40k mortgage to fund her running for deputy leader of the Labour Party and didn't declare the funding.
  6. This change in the rules is merely to allow wife swapping. Can no one else see that?

    Funny how under these new rules they could employ their mistresses but not their wives :D
  7. Fishhead, this should answer your question:

    House of Commons Library: Standard Note SN/PC/05167:
    The establishment of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority

    The standard note on Kelly below might also be of interest.

    House of Commons Library: Standard Note SN/PC/05188:
    Committee on Standards in Public Life’s Review of Members’ Allowances
    URL: PCC
  8. Thanks Thingy
    In brief the Speaker chooses who is to Chair it.(no conflict of interest there then)One old Judge(anything for a quiet life)An ex MP(hardly likely to be unbiased)One bean counter(might be OK but already outnumbered) plus A.N. Other.I am mightily impressed I think the tax payers money is safe with this lot........not

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