Donibristle RNAS pics [ sorry cross-posted in shore bases ]

Our handyman has taken a bunch of photos from inside the old RNAS
Donibristle, it is of a freize that runs around one of the rooms in the
old quarters.

This area might well get developed into offices (and hence painted over)
so I thought I'd send to you in case you are interested. This pics
aren't great but I'll happily retake myself if you want.

They are kind of humourous and might jog memories of staff stationed
here. Not sure if they are WW2 or after that. Here is a link to them.[email protected]&s=int&m=tags

Re: Donibristle RNAS pics [ sorry cross-posted in shore base

thought they had knocked all the old buildings down at Doni B

Interesting pics not sure what they are all about--obviously meant something to someone at some time!

Donibristle originally opened in 1917 originally RAF then RNAS for shore based squadrons and as an aircraft repair yard .Commissioned as HMS Merlin in 1939 and used for disembarked aircraft from carriers entering Rosyth Dockyard.
After ww2 it continued as a repair yard with limited flying facilities and
closed as a RN base October 1959.
Those buildings are from the 1920's so the occupants and uses were
probably very diverse and varied over the years.

Thanks for the views anyway. Another old airfield is at Crail --ex HMS Jackdaw some interesting graffitti in the buildings there aswell !!

G :fish:
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