Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by micmic, Sep 4, 2007.

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  1. I have to inform you that dondon is in Derriford hospital
  2. Micmic

    Do we know if it is a long term matter or life threatening. Please pass on mine and no doubt all of RR's best wishes when you next contact him or his family.

  3. No, I mean he works there, its just that he cant access RR cos he spilt beer all over his keyboard, now his laptop is knackered.
  4. F*** off micmic, you had us all worried for a minute or two.

  5. charming, just letting you know where he was
  6. Always charming! Just concerned that you had somewhat over-egged the proverbial pudding.

  7. never been any good at cooking! But DonDons a good egg and will see the funny side of this
  8. That would be on the same lines as a member of the family seriously ill then telling everybody I have very bad news. The Pennyblack is shutting down!

    A warped sense of humour matey!!!
  9. Could micmic be Norman in yet another of his infamous guises
  10. warped? isnt that what sailors do when they pull a boat along a jetty using its strings?
  11. ooooh you shite... your so gona get a slap next time i see you down the club... had me realy worried...............
  12. And they told me at the G-Spot it was wefting

    Great first post, had me going.

  13. You naughty boy micmic..... I was just trying to find out where Derriford Hospital was so I could arrange to send Dondon a wren-o-gram (a glamamorous wren who strips.... but I've lost Morsey's email address).

    Wash you mouth out with a lump of pussers hard.
  14. What part of the world did you find one of these then Always???

    Never seen one in my life :thumright: :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
  15. You aint seen nowt yet !!
  16. Josiecats, what part of the club are you going to administer corporal punishment to me? The snooker room? I must know in advance so I can book the table.
  17. Sad isn't it Morsey. Pinch has led SUCH a sheltered life. Must have really spent his entire naval career in the NAFFI gulping down cow flavoured milk shakes... and to paraphrase one of our rare visitors... MOOOOOO!

    I hear you're desserting Mazarron for the wine lakes of France. I do hope you're buying a vinyard or orchard: Wren's Wine or Cuddly Calvados on the market then perhaps? Will you still be in Nuttyland next February?
  18. I flog you on ebay if you like? ;)
  19. lol good post micmic.....I'm sure jos will punish you acordingly and thoughly
  20. dont you worry about that i will see to you when and where i see fit


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