Doncaster,my god

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NorwayChris, Sep 4, 2009.

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  1. Locked up for life !!!.They should be set on fire themselves!fnucking shite bags :)
  2. One must look at the big picture. If you drag your kids up you end up with scumbags. If you never show love they do not know how to give out love. Beware of the kids sign on the house and feeding kids cannabis on breakfast cereal is not a good way to bring up kids is it!!

    We all have these scumbags living in our towns. Later in life they buy a car and go cruising with "THE MATES" just looking for a meek and mild type to give a good kicking.

    Wonder when the "expert" will pop up and cry out that most famous of quotes "LESSONS HAVE BEEN LEARNT"
  3. They will have a better start in life now then they would of done normily because they will be privately educated and by the time they come out. They will have a-levels etc and brand new identitys and be able to get decent jobs in a more affluent area. Where is the justice in that?
  4. Its pathetic, the poor lads that they attacked are going to have problems for a long time. Where as the little scumbags who did it to them are going to get off completely scot free in a few years, with a new job, new identity and new home....all on our money!

    It's just like the little brats who killed Jamie Bulger...don't they live in Australia now?
  5. Agreed. If you put love in, you get love out.
    Put evil in and you get evil out.

    Their parents sound like right charmers. :evil:
  6. This is one of the subjects that make my blood boil,these scrouts dont deserve children,ferkin cannabis for breakfast and mixed in the kids drinks,pure evil
  7. Its incredible that they havent tracked down the parents and arrested them too, they deserve just as harsh a sentence as the kids, if not more.
  8. Agreed, that's child abuse is it not?
  9. The trouble is that there seems to be no real answer to the problem of feral children. Their parents are totally unable to function in any recognisable socially aware fashion, the education system is inept and tick-box driven, social services are either filled by time servers or are desperately underfunded, the Police are also making tick-boxing their main occupation. We now have parents and grandparents who themselves were dragged up in sink estates with no desire to escape their surroundings and they have simply passed on their lifestyle to another generation. For every one of these feral brats who are, eventually, taken out of civilised society there are probably a hundred more who are still out there, ready to go on benefits and start breeding another generation of bad genes. The working class, from which I came, used to have aspirations; wtf happened?
  10. There is now a sub-class mate, the working class still exist and should not be confused with these wasters. But I know what you mean, there is no desire for these people to achieve a better life through effort.
  11. As an aside did anybody watch the 2 parter about Sarah Fergusson trying to get a community near manchester to start functioning again??

    I think closing youth centres, community centres and church halls caused alot of these problems as kids don't have anywhere to go of an evening. As a volunteer "WOULD YOU" want to do it these days in light of kids knowing their yuman rites and accusing people od being nonces etc!!!
  12. Me too :evil: Don't even know where to begin, words fail me
  13. We saw the one where she was in Hull trying to help/change a family there,i am from (i think)working class people albight a childrens home,but i really do wonder where these scumbags come from, its like watching the jerramy Kyle ferkin show,
  14. I too was in care as a kid having come from an "Interesting" family but theres no way i was going to end up like those fcukers and what they did to those poor lads.

    For all her faults i couldn't knock Sarah Fergusson and what she was trying to get those folks to help themselves!!

    Theres far too much "Oh poor fcuking me" i've had it hard in this country. Only individuals can make changes and make something of themselves!!!
  15. Scum breed scum and in many cases at the taxpayers expense.
  16. Sorry i disagree with that mate. Its about choice and from personal experience you dont have to go down that route if you dont want to!!!
  17. I concur with the much lamented Admiral LeFanu:

    There are no bad boys ONLY BAD PARENTS!

    When neighbours complained to the mother she just laughed it off. Although I'm loathed to say this, I think Doncaster needs to be the next venue of the Crushers' Annual Reunion & Personality Workshop.

    Here's SPB's Bad Parents Dispatch Vehicle

  18. X.R.D, are you going back a few years when in general people no matter what their background had respect for others and their property? It's my observation that things have changed dramatically for the worse since I was a lad.

    I accept that my post may well have given the impression that everyone from a difficult background turns out bad and of course this is not the case, I did not choose my words as carefully as I should have done.
  19. No worries Fink i didnt take it personally. I just get a bit miffed with daily Wail type readers who think that every teenager under the sun is rotten which simply isnt the case. I would say that the reason it has all got out of control is because adults no longer wish to go out on a limb and volunteer to run youth clubs and organisations along those lines. Therefore the kids have nowhere to go of an evening and thus fall into crime, drinking and drug taking.

    On a personal level i have to admit i was a right little shit growing up in Sarf London but realised that i probably needed to sort myself out and make something of myself!!!

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