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Discussion in 'Charity' started by Jenny_Dabber, Aug 24, 2006.

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  1. This got me thinking, a good few of you have asked about donating to RR but we don't have anything set up yet :( however, if you were to visit the donation section of arrse, you can contribute that way for now. All your donations will chip in towards RR also, as it is the C.O.'s show.


  2. Hi Jenny,

    If we could get the RR Calender off the ground that would be another alternative fund raiser. I can get them produced via a feature on my Mac 10x8 size full of colour and mono piccies for $20 each (around £10.57) but this may be too costly to attract members, though their other products have been very good to date.

  3. I'm waiting on an update from the bosses regarding this; let's see what we can get for you Gorgous people!
  4. Always - $20 isn't too bad a price for a calendar; the right content will ensure that it markets itself. Does the figure include profit?

  5. SF, No, that's the cost to me per calender ordered. If there was a market for an RR Calender however we could probably get them bulk printed at a lower cost - though not from Apple. The whole process is dome via iPhoto. See below for a bit more info.

  6. Guys,
    Just a few thoughts from me/us. Thank you very much to anyone who has expressed an interest in contributing to the upkeep of the site. We always feel very humbled that people value our site(s) so highly.

    We hadn't planned to put the donations section on here but I will do. If nothing else its a fast way to lots of medals!

    There are other ways you could assist and these are largely based round our banner ads. We try to keep them to a minimum and avoid them dominating the site but they are a useful source of income to us. We also try and be reasonably selective about who we put on, i.e if we wouldn't buy it we don't advertise them. Clicking on them and browsing our sponsors once in a while would be much appreciated.

    The other way of assisting is via our google ads. You've probably seen them at the top and bottom of some pages. The occasional click on these would also be good news for us.

    Thanks to everyone for your continued support.
  7. I forgot to mention the calendars which I think are a very interesting suggestion. We used to sell a variety of ARRSE products (t-shirts, mugs, etc) but running a shop just became a real hassle. In the end we went into partnership with an ex-RM who runs a series of shops in the Plymouth area. He now handles all that side of things for us and, frankly, I'm really pleased not to have to spend most of my life in the Post Office!

    Selling calendars looks like doing just that again I'm afraid so its something I'm very keen not to get involved with again. Apologies but my new posting just completely precludes it.
  8. Do you think he might be interested in doing something similar for RR? I'd certainly like a few RR T-Shirts, if they were available in XXXL size! :lol: Something for when we have our own version of Mr.Potatohead perhaps? Also I've got a colleague who wears his ID card in a holder with a ribbon saying 'I love Jesus' on it. I quite fancy having one saying 'I love my Rum Ration' or similar!

  9. I like the idea of T-Shirts as long as they're not OTT and can be worn in public.

  10. Once we've got a Mr PH -like character for RR (the rum rat) then we will look at getting some t-shirts made. We'll make sure to get them in all sizes!
  11. I'l have the t 'shirt and the calander , can we have a top quality t' shirt and not cheap sxxte please , standards please gentleman , :wink:
  12. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    ... oh and can we have a "shirt, collar attached" for wear in the Senior Rates Mess too? I thought not, I'll stick with the Fat Boy t-shirt then.
  13. Hi Guys 'n' Dolls,

    Bosses have now given us a donation section of our own for RR!

    You will find this on the right hand side, above the chat on the home page, or you can find it here.

    Have fun

  14. already done it JD :lol:

  15. Cheers Jenny!!

    Well I suppose I better phone the credit card company and tell them to brace for impact!!! :lol:

  16. Done mine earlier on tonight , cheers bosses , :p

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