Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Backpacker1uk, Dec 27, 2007.

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  1. possibly the sickest video i have ever seen
    Words fail me
  2. How do these evil bastards sleep at night , how can they do that to a defenceless animal . kinnell , the world we live in . :toilet:
  3. I resemble that remark. :biggrin: Looks like I'll have to sue PETA for their anti-facial fur campaign... I'm sure it's racist too!!! ;) o_O
  4. made me cry :(
  5. Couldn't watch any more-----fcuking disgusting . You'd think they would
    make sure the animals were dead .

    :nemo: :nemo:
  6. I would pay good money to watch the, what appears to be some variety of choge, ace animal operative being skinned alive.

    Life is simple for these turds because they believe in total human supremacy and that animals don't have souls, so pain is irrelevant. Don't expect them to have nightmares.

    Let's be clear; there's nothing wrong with fur farming. It must be hygienic and humane, though. Certainly not via the barbaric filth Johnny Schweitzer has managed to film.

    To put this in perspective, there are retards around Bath who thought it was fun to miss out the stun cycle at H**ton Chickens, just up the road.
  7. I'm not au fait with this noun PoL ... choge ... must have missed that class in the taxonomy of race ... nice that you care though xx
  8. It makes you think, we trade with all sorts of Countries that allow their people to do bloody dreadful things to animals and even each other and don't give it a second thought. Is it a case that our greed wins over their cruelty?

    I get the impression that the footage shown was from Korea but could just as easily been from the Philippines. Do we ever make threats of boycot to these people? Probably not because we probably need their trade more than they need ours. That's at National level, though. The clever way is to act as individuals. OK, whales aren't fluffy and cuddly but who really wants a really good Japanese camera.
  9. Have you seen the way they process poultry in the UK.

    I bet everyone enjoyed there turkey at Chrimbo though. :bball:
  10. Well after all the shit posted here I am glad that the vid didn't load for me.

    And her mouth looks like someone arsehole after they have had piles removed.
  11. gross- managed till i saw the little hedgehogs' face- then couldn't watch anymore- barstewards!!
  12. diesel.

    Yes, we also can be beastly to our animals. It's usually an aberration, though, and not SOP.
  13. you must be really bored if you are quoting yourself :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
  14. I could only bare to watch 10 seconds of that. It disgusted me.
  15. brazenhussy. I believe the hedgehog was actually a species of S E Asian badger.

    I thought the sight of an explosive harpoon head detonating in a whale's flank was particularly chunder worthy but the footage we are discussing beats it by a country mile.
  16. You fucking wet cunts !

    When even Greenpeace admit to paying a sealer to live skin a pup beside it's mother, you believe a terrorist organisation like PETA would baulk at it ?

    Get a fecking grip and man up FFS !

    PETA are lower than PIRA when it comes to propaganda, but can any of you admit not to getting wood over the vid ?
    Feck, I came seconds after the eyelashes shot.
  17. did not get past a few seconds...
  18. Not funny :pukel:

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