Dominic Raab urges world not to “turn away from Rohingya’s suffering” as the UK pledges life-saving support


It is good to see some attention paid to this unfolding human tragedy. The Burmese situation is an interesting if unfortunate study in the dethroning of a ‘woke’ plaster saint. In this case it is Aung San Suu Kyi, who has turned out to be at least as attached to traditional racial and cultural prejudices as her ‘undemocratic’ predecessors. We can also observe that the popular Western ‘spiritual seeker’ view of Buddhism as a doctrine of peace and ‘liberation’ is something of an illusion: the dominant ideology of Myanmar seems to be Buddhist Nationalism (not unlike Hindutva in India).

There are also a large number of ethnic conflicts in Burma/Myanmar, suggesting that it is another example of poorly or hastily drawn borders at the time of independence.