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I found this quite interesting:

Daily Mail said:
Britain is getting a new national web address of ‘.uk’ from today in what is being described as the biggest shake-up in the internet for 30 years.The change means businesses and individuals can choose to drop the familiar ‘’ and ‘.com’ suffixes from their web addresses in favour of the short and simple ‘.uk’.

Just as Germany has a ‘.de’ domain name and France has its own ‘.fr’, so the British will be able to demonstrate their national affiliation with ‘.uk’.

The change is being overseen by Nominet, which is a private, not-for-profit business that is responsible for the smooth and secure running of the .uk internet infrastructure.

More than ten million existing UK domain holders will be offered first choice on the shorter equivalent of their current address, with five years to decide whether they want to use it in addition to, or instead of, the domain they already have.

The wholesale price is the same as for a ‘’ at £5 for two years.

Read more: Britain gets simpler new .uk website address from today | Mail Online

Is it just me, or is it difficult to reconcile the words and numbers highlighted in red?



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Siimple enough to check:
Nominet has 134 full-time employees with a payroll bill of £6.8m. This is an average of £50.7k per employee which doesn't seem unreasonable. However, anyone can become a member.

Any excess non-working profit goes into the Nominet Trust.
There's a bit more to it than that. It went to the High Court as they initially intended re-selling .uk domain names at the full market value so that domain name owners would effectively have to buy them twice at the full market value.

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