Dolphins poss killed by Warship Sonar

Always so easy to blame the Navy and it's use of sonar in these situations. We don't get to respond and tell these hippy [email protected] that it wasn't us. The article is inconclusive but the fact that it mentions sonar and warships means that most readers will immediately associate us with the problem.

I like dolphins as much as the next guy but these assupmtions really pi$$ me off.


PS: No Sonars were damaged during the creative process of writing this posting.

More than likely miles away from where any active sonars were operating anyway. As the guy on the news this morning was saying, it could be many things, such as, chasing food up the rivers, hereded in by killer whales and chose the river as an escape. What the papers do not say much of, but this guy did, 60 or more dolphins manage to return to the open sea. Looking at the size of the dolphins I would imagine they were young ones, and got lost after the others returned to the sea. Their own sonar bouncing of the river banks could have thrown them also.

Once again, the Telegraph got it wrong.

Regards, Chris

it was on the news last night. Very sad, such beautiful creatures and the report went on to say that the second lot of dolphins went in to rescue the first lot after hearing them call.

I was in a right state after the news last night, first those little boys killed by the drunk driver with no insurance (aka some footballer), then the three paras killed in Afghanistan, then the dolpins. And to cap it all, in the late news there was a report of how the increased food costs are affecting small children who are starving in Etheopia and India.

The whole lot put together makes you grateful what what we have, and it has made me more determined not to be a whiney old bint about the small things in life.
NEWSFLASH: Daily Mail in 'have a go at the RN shocker'... I wonder who the RN has upset within that particular organisation?

As for the dolphins, i heard a dit from the Daily Mail, that it had something to do with the carrier 'HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH' which was alongside in Falmouth Naval base at the time....


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Not so smart now are they. With their cute squeaks and playful manner.

Them and squirrels are plotting I tell, plotting something big.
Regardless of what or who is to blame, lets not forget that Dolphins/Porpoises are a sailors friend, and that this is a sad affair to say the least..(hope the Navy did not have a hand in this)... :threaten:
Gives the Green Pollies an excuse for putting sonar alongside SEA DART as "non-essential kit". SHITE, I shouldn't've said that - walls have ears !!


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Bawsack said:
The Telegraph? The Mail? you will never get the truth in there, what does The Sport say???
The nipple count is higher today, look at page three for the dead female dolphins displaying all.
As per usual, the newspapers are quick to point the finger at anyone.

As many have said here, there are a number of reasons on why this could of happened. But it seems the newspapers just want to make theirselves look good once again...
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