dolphin winking and all?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by binman, Feb 17, 2011.

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  1. basically i have heard some mega honking gash dits, such as in short form

    1)the time some one got winked at by a dolphin.

    2)caught and fixed a harrier wheel as it come in to land.

    3)flicking a coin over the side of the ship hearing a loud noise and it being a yank sub, not only did the sub commander salute him but dived straight after.

    4)fixes a mig with HBM

    there are many more but whats the worst gash dit ever spun?
  2. Are these dits from a certain Killick Spec who shares the same name as a famous actor (Grant)?
  3. Clearly you are talking about Papa Fraz the fat killick comms rating.

    Who could forget the time he was pulled up on stage by Kurt Cobain and played the bass at the last ever Nirvana gig? Or when he was in the Army and had hair down to his arse but used to fold it all neatly under his beret?
  4. I’ve got one for you ….
    anti submarine measures during the cold war…..Green paint spread on the ocean …submarine gets it on the periscope lens when surfacing ..thinking he is still submerged surfaces again..and again..

    When he gets to 50ft we shoot him down with anti aircraft fire…..

  5. you know the stories all to well, i am trying to find more to amuse myself with

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