Doing up Whitehall

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Shakey, Jan 8, 2007.

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  1. So they're going to spend £2.3 BILLION on Whitehall whilst they cut costs everywhere else.

    I'm going to swear again.

    BBC News
  2. i have to say this has to be the best country in the world why dont we scrap the navy get a few dingys and sa 80s and some rat packs and just patrol like that....

    nobs in govenment god there should be like a box where you can write wat you think of them and they have to read everyone...
  3. Aw come on Shakey,

    You know the only way to manage our ever-dwindling sea defence force is to ensure that those who really support us (and who do most of the work), are kept in the luxury that they have come to so thoroughly deserve !
    I mean, without the benefit of cushy well aired, spacious office areas, and comfortable, nay - luxuriously well upholstered chairs to fit the well upholstered bottoms onto, without which they cannot possibly engage the well oiled brain into solving the dilemma that threatens their well ordered lives..... (the damage to the country, and its services should not be considered at all by this government and its minions)

    Give 'em a break, it's hard work in Whitehall these days.......... !!

  4. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    There is Pooley.

    Get writing.
  5. Money well spent I'd say... If service personnel can made do with drafty barracks on low pay why not senior civil servants and Ministers? After all, they're not risking their lives for anyone!

    Just imagine... abolishing MPs generous housing allowance and accomodating them in barracks: 40 to a mess. All that scrubbing and polishing, ironing, sewing, and doubling round the base would obliviate the need for a gym. And with lights-outs strictly enforced at 2200 there would be no more late-night sittings! Perhaps we could also opt for paying them 75p pocket money as week? (As an efficiency measure, you understand) :twisted:

    I have a strange feeling that fewer lawyers might apply to become MPs and more ex-Servicemen might join-up. No bad thing!

    One slight difference though... if they run away... they should be allowed to... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  6. Main Building was completed nearly two years ago, so this isn't a new initiative, and bear in mind that's 2.3Bn over thirty years. When you think about the state that MB was in before the work started, and the various other MOD buildings which are now being disposed of, the work needed done. A gym? Fair enough, most other MOD sites have gyms given that keeping fit is part of the job. Shock horror it has (expensive) catering facilities, is any employer not putting some form of catering into a new headquarters building? And as to the quiet rooms, which are mostly used for 2-3 person meetings.....

    I'd turn it round and ask why is Cameron making an issue of it now? All he's doing is leveraging the recent profile on army MQs to get himself some headline time. It's rather noticable that he still hasn't come up with any real policy on defence other than this ''Border Police Force'' with associated US style Coast Guard.

    tbh Politicians, of any colour, disgust me.
  7. It might be 2.3bn over twenty years, but is there any need for marble fireplaces and the like?
  8. But would they be able to decipher what you had written?
  9. I think we have to accept that ET Pooley is representative of his generation and writes as if he was snding a txt or msging on MSN or chatrom or simlar.
  10. Shakey

    I did a tour up there prior to the refurb and have been in there since. The "luxury" aspect is greatly exaggerated in the press compared to what has actually been done. Most of the dark blue spaces are fairly cramped open-plan offices with bog-all in way of stowage for docs etc. The most bizarre thing about the whole building are some of the smaller conference rooms which from memory used to be the heads! the marble fireplaces were already there in the historic rooms on 5th floor.

    Not saying it's the best use of 2.3Bn over thirty years, but it's nowhere near as "wasteful" as is being made out.
  11. As already pointed out, the fireplaces were there already. Depends on your point of view on the whole historical aspect of the mob, although tbh I think we sometimes kick the a**e out of it. There are about 10 historic rooms which haven't been ''travel-lodged''; existing panelling, doors, fireplaces etc were refurbished and put back in place.

    The main additional facility is that in the middle the two courtyards have been roofed over with glass/ plastic of some kind and paved, to make a moderately civilised open area with a few benches and the like. Although I've even had a meeting out there, which was less civilised.

    The office areas are cramped and noisy, particularly if there are any gunnery types around.

    It's a lot better than it used to be and probably on a par with your average corporate headquarters now.
  12. I have two carved marble fireplaces in my office: which in the 1880's was the dining room of a Gentleman's Club! If only they would light the fires, then I could toast muffins for breakfast. :razz:

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