Doing HNC Aircraft Engineering at college while i wait..

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by justjamieee, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone think this will help me and give me a small taster of what i've applied for in the navy ( AET )? I am at college at the moment studying an HNC aircraft engineering course while i am on the waiting list to join the navy. This is my 1st post on this Rum Ration website, and i'm really interested in getting opinions. :D
  2. Not such a bad idea. However, when you start your phase 2 training you will be learning it all over again. This can be an advantage for a short period of time while the others catch up. Depending on your progress you might find it a bit boring covering old ground and you might lose interest.
  3. Cheers Drakey..I've got my selection interview next month , and i am really looking forward to it, and i'm wondering , are you able to ask them questions, besides them asking you all the questions etc... ??
  4. I reckon that any education is good.
    This is a great idea, yes you may be learning old stuff when you eventually join, however you should have acquired a fantastic grounding in the subject when you have completed your HNC.
    This should help if you wish to be considered for fast racking and may even accelerate your promotion.
    Better still having good knowlege of the subject will mean that you may be able to help less able members of your course.
  5. I did a HNC (Aero Eng) whilst I was in. Any studying is good and will help during training. Be aware a lot of the things you will learn will be civilian based and totally different to military aircraft.

    My HNC had no bearing on my RN career however helped me get my civilian job (Avionic Design Engineer) so quals always help.

    "The maths was a bitch!!!"
  6. At the end of your interview you will be given the opportunity to ask "sensible" questions. Do your research on the RN website, and there are loads of useful tips in the newbies section on this site. Use the search button or just start trawling through it.

    Best of luck at interview.
  7. Yeah that's why i started doing the course at college because i got put into a waiting list to get in, a 2year waiting list for an AET. So i thought rather than lazying about and doing nothing or finding a job till i get in , i would rather get an insight on a subject which has a similarity to the sort of things that i would be doing when i get in.. Is there such a thing as fast tracking?

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