Doing A levels or dropping out

Im doing A levels at the moment, first year and am doing pretty crap, its not that im not putting in the effort because i am more then whats needed,all my teacher way how much effort i put in all the time, and im still getting E's and D's. All this talk of ''effort'' being the key to doing well academically is complete bullsh*t. The fact is, you are either good at it...or you aren't. so im thinking of dropping out and learning a trade or doing so kind of outdoor instructor course instead, while i wait forever to join the navy

So my real question is, will this effect me badly in my navy carrier? id like to climb the ranks and one day be a WO2, but if i was recommended for officer would not having A levels or having rubbish A2 effect that?


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You need 180 points from your A levels for officer anyway I think... feel free to correct me anyone.


I done my A Levels, whilst knowing i wanted to go into the navy. Stop being so pessimistic they're A levels not sats they're going to be hard.

like you said you will be "waiting forever" for the navy so just stick out 2 years in college or wherever.
If you're going in as a rating it won't affect your Naval carrier(?) and WO2 is only for ET's, all other branches go from CPO to WO1.
I am sure you posted a thread like this before?! You will have a wait to join anyway, why not get the ball rolling and complete your A levels while you wait? You might not need the to join up, but what if you decide the navy isn't for you, or when you leave jobs require you to have them? In a competitive job market education can only help you out, especially in a case like this where you will have time to spare before you enter anyway.
If you're going in as a rating it won't affect your Naval carrier(?) and WO2 is only for ET's, all other branches go from CPO to WO1.
Oddly specific target as well. Why not WO1? Why not just take it 'easy' and go for Chief?

Obviously those who haven't yet joined or have just joined do have some odd ideas and that is quite understandable I suppose.

Many years ago I was duty babysitting PO in Raleigh and chatting to a keen young chap in the duty office place
thingy. Think he was a chef. I asked him what his aims were and he said to gain his green beret, an understandable though slightly obscure aim for a young chap so I didn't dwell on it. He followed that up by '...and win my UN blue beret'.

I made us both a cup of tea.
Definitely stay and do them. I had exactly the same thoughts as you did and am not gifted academically but worked my ass off to get (just) 180 UCAS points which is the minimum for officer entry. I ended up storming out of school one day during my A2 studies with only about 2 months left until my final exams. I ended up having a chat with some teachers and my parents saying I wanted to go in as a rating but they said do that if you really want to but just stick out the A-levels as at least it's something to fall back on. Went back the next day, studied, nailed what I needed to do and somehow got through the whole process and am 2 weeks away (after leave!) From passing put of BRNC after completing 2 deployments as a reservist after school. I fully understand where you're coming from, it's frustrating but seriously just stick it out and my God you'll be glad you did when you finish them and get a few bits of paper!

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