I'd have got a slap around the head for that one in any of the messecks i served in.
I bet he's the sort of ET(ME) that would aks "When is Christmas day?"
janner said:
BH this must be the B i L :dwarf:

thought OH was going to belt him there and then!!

His task was to find out before next fri when he comes w/enders!!

(Lamri, me old shipmate- he's down your way- in Drake- so thump sense into him if u see him!!)
Lamri said:
thingy said:
Now come on... he is a Baby Stoker after all.... ;) :roll:

Head down awaiting flak.... :twisted:
No, he isn't.

There ARE no more stokers, my never been in friend ;)
I thought you were a Stoker Lamri? :thumright:

What d'you mean there are no more Stokers?!! o_O Aren't ET(ME)'s the modern version of the MEM of yesteryear and the Stokers in times of yore. Pass me a wheel spanner someone... :)

That ET(ME) must have been pulling the ex-Killicks' legs! Everyone knows that Christmas is on 15 August! :biggrin:
Jesus I was going to say he needs a good twatting, but he fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down, (er not your hubby BH!!) so he's suffered enough. Nah, ferk it twat the twat. :w00t: :thumright:
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