I've put this rant into “Nearest and Dearest†forum because I know what I, and most other people, think about their animals.

Generally, people who assume the responsibility of sharing their homes with animals do so diligently and caringly. However, things can go wrong even in the best run homes and pet dogs can slip the leash and go walkabout. With address collars and tagging by electronic chips most of these strays are quickly re-united with their 'families', generally by the police.

From Sunday the law is changing and no longer will the police handle the management of stray dogs. The onus will now be devolved to the local council. A sum of £4M has been allocated by government to cover the added expense but that sum will spread very thinly over the entire UK, The upshot is that councils will, in all probability, ask members of the public who report a stray dog to bring the animal into a council run kennel. Like that is going to happen. The average member of the public who sees a dog that he or she does not know running wild will be more concerned about their own and their family’s safety in the face of a possibly dangerous animal. They are hardly likely to bother reporting it if they are going to be told to approach, secure and take the responsibility for 'bringing it in', are they?

I am sure that no politician would admit that they are deliberately planning to introduce packs of feral dogs to the urban landscape but that in effect is going to be the result of this penny-pinching change to the legislation.

I could go on but enough is enough; rant over.


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I did'nt know that. I dont think it will work I would not approach a dog I did not know, and I would not shop a dog that I did know. So dogs running wild untill the council can be a***ed to round them up, dont hold your breath.
Perhaps I'm being thick but the Police are paid for from Council Tax (Avon and Somerset Constabulary feature significantly in my annual Danegeld order) so it will just shuffle funding within the Council charges. The only increase should be to cover the additional Weekend overtime of the Dog Wardens. Is there a suspicion that the money will not migrate to its new location?
This is a typically short-sighted little number thought up by some twat wanting to save money. It won't long-term v. short-term. I expect the rule will be reversed when consequences spring forth.

Other than that, some poor bastard in the voluntary sector, an animal charity will pick up the tab. What bothers me the most is the thought of 'stray' ie: lost animals who may then be carted off to labs as is the wont from time to time.....spats of animals in a particular area going missing periodically has not been unknown.

Ideally- a new official post within LA's for an animal welfare officer is created to allow for wo/man + equipment to take over role of police in every council in the country. Local authorities being full of dynamic souls
( :) ), the chances of a national procedure like this being created is about 1,000,000 :1 .
Stick with the hamster.
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