Dogs die in Police Van (Yet again)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Jun 27, 2011.

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  1. At my place of work we build all police vehicles for the Merseyside police force and every time I see the dog cages being fitted I think, "that can't be good or healthy for the animals". Only today did I say that to a workmate.

    Guess my fears are proven so.

    They should stick the Scousers who are going in them in the cages and the dogs in the back seat!!
  2. Ok I'll bite.
    It's a bit of a bitch that the dogs are dying in the vans, the buggers who leave them should have their collars felt.
  3. Our local K9 plod here have to

    1, leave the engine running with the A/C on

    2, Have a fan inserted into the rear window

    When plod is away from the car AND dog is inside alone.
  4. Our plod here are just *****.

    Also I think it's illegal to leave an engine running while you are away from the vehicle.
  5. The paramedics in our area leave the engine running but the vehicle has been modified in some way I would assume the police can/should do the same.
  6. I had a lovely row with a tospot traffic inspector at the Airport over this subject.

    He " Why are you standing at the side of your bus with the engine running, it's illegal"
    Me " I'm having a fag and can't smoke on the bus"
    Him "Just by stepping off the platform you are breaking the law whilst the engine is running."

    One week later:- Him "You have not filled in your daily check list for your bus for over a week"
    Me "Yes I have"
    Him "No you haven't as you have not completed it , you have not done your emergency engine cut off"
    Me "Not allowed"
    Him "Why not"
    ME "Cant go around the back with the engine running its illegal"
    Him "errrrrrrrrrr".

    It's nice to be cantankerous.
    There was a police dog in a van nearby who was hot.
    Avoiding thread drift.
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  7. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    I notice the Met Police Officer who left his dogs, which subsequently died, had previously done this in 2004 and has now apparently gone on to do self harm.

    Whilst I wish no-one ill, which fool felt it was okay for him to be responsible for animals having previously categorically demonstrated he could be in no way trusted? f this had been a member of the public I wonder if they'd have gotten off so lightly after the first incident?

    One rule for themselves......
  8. I've seen this happen its not nice. The guy who did it fell into depression over his mistake and has since retired and committed suicide.
  9. Here in the West Mids all our vehicles are fitted with 'hot run' systems.
    It leaves the engine running when the keys are removed. Helps with all the
    lights and electronics. Also keeps the cab warm/ cool for us hard working staff.
  10. Three cheers for the on the ball adverts on this RR page
    Mercedes Vans
    Security Dogs
    Distance Learning..Facing redundancy from the Police?
    No mention of A/C for vehicles carrying animals yet but can only be a matter of time.
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  11. No doubt the police officer in question loved his dogs but civilians have been prosecuted for this act of negligence and he should be no different.
  12. It's only a dog FFS.
  13. C'mon know it's all Cameron's fault !
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  14. FFS MLP, do try and keep up it was 2 dogs.

  15. Do you know something Flags?
  16. Oh. Well in that case that's terrible.
  17. That's better.
  18. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I see you two had a cockfight on another thread. I hope this one is going to be dogfighting, to the death. [​IMG]

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