Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by MG Maniac, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. Just been out for a fag break ... parked up in a small out of the way local car park just round the corner so not to upset the "smoking police" on site and low and behold there was a couple going hard at it in a car :sex:

    ... didn't even wind the windows up when parked alongside ... well made for a interesting fag break!

    Have no objecting to it ... but 4pm ... seems a bit early!
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  2. MG - you seem to be amazingly luck at this 'spotting couples at it' malarkey. (As mentioned in earlier threads)

    You sure you're not a peeping tom?
  3. Nah ... just happen to be in the right place at the right time ... car park in question is just up the road from the local tech college so plenty of young clacker about! Mind it was pissin down with rain otherwise I think they'd have been further up the river bank in the open air out of sight!

    Mind to be honest I hadn't notice until my "smoking oppo" opened their window to flick ash out! ... But once my attention had been drawn to the fact ... just wish I hadn't left my mobile in the office on charge :(
  4. A photographing peeping tom then, with out a camera
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  5. Has to be done :)
  6. I reckon the randy ol' goat has been visiting Youporn to find out the sites lol :pottytrain2:
  7. Good quote and you know this site why?8)8)
  8. Dont need to ... Eldest son (when he was living at home) disappearing out the door one night ... when I asked where he was going he answered ... "up to xxxxx car park to watch the doggers" ... now coming from a sheltered background (ahem!!!) I assumed he was going to watch the gentle folk of the village walking their dogs which led me to comment that this was a strange pastime for one so young ... so he then told me what it was ... hang on I'll get my coat!

  9. I rest my case.......... you ARE a peping tom!!
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  10. :) :) :) :)
  11. Not your fault MGM, although in normal families it's common for the children to follow the parents lead, there again IOW rules I suppose.
  12. True ... but it sounded like a good idea at the time!
  13. Unless the misses catches you
  14. Ahh ... now at that point in time I wasn't married ... the divorce was final and I got custody of the kids ... which for a sea going matelot was pretty rare ... very supportive grand parents! So by the time kids were 16 they had a pretty well rounded education!

    But yeah you're right .. if I tried that trick now the present Mrs MG would hang me out to dry!
  15. Going dogging with your son sounds soo wrong that I can imagine social services on their way down to you to point out the 'errors' of your ways. If they weren't too busy shredding any paper they can find that has the word 'Savile' on it that is ....
  16. Comes under the heading of Sex Education!

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