Dog owners forced to microchip by 2016

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by MG Maniac, Feb 6, 2013.

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  1. Seems that HMG says that all dog owners have to get their dogs microchipped by 2016

    I will have to get an appointment with the Vets to get "Er Indoors" done then!
  2. With the amount of dog Shit around the dogs should be DNA profiled at the same time. Then local authorities could send community service types round to pick the shit up then log the turds check against data base fine they owners the cost.
  3. Fuck off, there are enough 'non jobs' councils dream up as it is,fines would be ignored, court case, more cost ad naus.
  4. The existing 'Dog Wardens don't do there job now so what are extra bods on the public purse going to achieve!!!!

    The government needs to set up a programme to encourage good ownership. It aint the dogs it's the lazy fat bastard owners that spoil it for good owners.

    Round my place there are no dog shit bins, a plethora of unemployed lazy c*nts with mahoosive hounds that just crap everywhere. You challenge them and you get into a confrontation.

    My dogs are chipped, registered and I find that because I am on a data base I am an easy target for anti dog shit campaigns!!! Easy for me to say but those that know me can verify - I DO pick up my dogs shit. I do wonder why the fuck I bother though!!!

    Chipping, will it make things better - Nah I doubt it! Just force the lazy fuckers out in the dark to shit all over the place!
  5. Re-inventing the wheel licences anyone!
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  6. ok just fired that off without think through fully. However I have to pick dog shit off my front lawn at least once a week, I have to be really careful when letting my daugther play in the park as all the green bits have turds hidden in them.

    "It aint the dogs it's the lazy fat bastard owners that spoil it for good owners." - concur
    "You challenge them and you get into a confrontation." - been there done that

    the fuckers round here just kick their little shit bags out the door to wonder round to shit where ever. Now to me this idicates a complete lack of respect for the community and the whole broken window business as the pavements are all covered.
    "there are enough 'non jobs' councils dream up as it is" - I wasn't suggesting any new jobs just using an already existing scheme to tag the dogs to make it possible for the existing dogs wardens to target the those that actually are irresponsible owners.
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  7. Things just worse in Fowey, we have enough dogs and a few irresponsible owners....,,and worse Dawn French who has a gaff in the town has just taken in a bulldog and is using it to further her career on the TV. Couldn't they microchip actors as well
  8. How is this clever idea going to be enforced? Special police? Dog licences were discontinued because there was no way of enforcing the law and this will be just the same.
  9. And seagulls.
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  10. Why stop at actors? I can see this making it into humans in 50 years or so time.
  11. Gosh, I've come over all Tory for a minute - let's see . . .

    Dogs are scanned from sensors added to our plethora of urban CCTV cameras - any that are not chipped will be followed by our state-of-the-surveillance-art kit until automatic facial recognition software identified the owner. By the time the scragend gets back to his/her hovel, the local K9 unit from Her Britannic Majesty's Constabulary are waiting with them with two guns - pay the fine there and then and it gets chipped immediately, hesitate and the other one is used for enforced euthanasia. Of the dog, not the owner (I'm not Norman Tebbit after all).

    Dog shit - easy. Following the same kit as above, or the DNA profiling as suggested earlier :)thumbup:), the said excrement is packaged and posted directly through the letterbox of the miscreant for proper disposal. For repeat offenders, see above, sans chipping gun.

    Wow, that was actually quite an experience. My talents are wasted being tolerant all the time . . .
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  12. Does this mean that Rum Rations attack chi-wau-wau's will have to be chipped?
  13. I can niether confirm nor deny that I may or may not have returned to the owner some property that been left on my property after repeat offences (wifey had already been and harranged said miscreant).
  14. My thoughts exactly! Further news bulletin reveals this has been dreamt up by the Animal Welfare people so they can reunite lost dogs with their owners ... however

    Friend of mine's dog (microchipped & address/phone number on collar tag) legged it and ended up in the RSPCA pound - so did the dosy sods there ring up and say "Hello we've got your dog" ... No ... they stayed quiet until said mate rang up and told them his dog had gone walkabout .. at which point they told him they'd got it ... dog returned after he had to part with £25 (handling fee) and dog still had its collar and tag in situ and intact!
  15. Due to the amount of dogs being stolen, I was advised by the vet to just have my home phone number on the tag and nothing else. Evidently if the dogs name is on it, the dognapper can call the dog and prove it his/hers as the dog responded.
  16. I got my dog micro chipped when she was asleep. Its come in very handy tracking her to the various nightclub's she Fucks off to on a Friday night
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  17. Is that a follow up to the gash PM you sent me? Freak.

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