Dog names


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I would go with Zippo. And if I have more I can have Zippo 1, 2, 3 etc

And then when I let him off the lead I can shout "Zippo Loose"

And if he is bad "Negat Zippo!"

A taxi, why thank you. My coat is the black one.


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Don't ever call a dog "syndrome". I tried training one once.

"Sit, Syndrome!"

"Stay, Syndrome"

I got battered by some of the local residents of a special school when I wanted the dog to lie on the floor.



babystew said:
i have two jack russells. ratty and tui
I used to have 2 long haired German Shepherd dogs called Ghengis and Khan. Off on a tangent my missus used to have a pair of dwarf rabbits called Stewed and Casseroled, strange 'cos she can't cook!

Always fancied calling my next pooch "Stay", just
to mess with its mind......

"Come here! Stay!"
"Fetch! Stay!"
"Sit! Stay!"
"Stay! Stay!"

(A new meaning to the term "Up the Duck-Run"...woof woof!)

I remember Hale and Pace having an invisable dog called 'Bollocks'.
Just imagine shouting Bollocks come here boy or asking a young lady if she would like to stroke your Bollocks!


hale and
pace having
My sister has a female black lab called Henry and a goldfish called Nobber.
Nobber has a wind problem. He feeds, bloats up and swims around the top of the tank for a day or so, then farts and can get the bottom to feed again. Back up, fart, down, feed.
Comical...the long winter nights fly by.

Probably needs Danone.


Lantern Swinger
Off subject but I used to have two rats called Black and Decker.

If you had Deefer dog, would your cat be called Ceefer?
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