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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Greendeath, Jan 14, 2009.

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  1. Somebody asked me a question about Dog handling in the RM, so here's my take on the subject.

    The only time I ever came across Dog handling was with the RM Security Detachment at Northwood in Middlesex. We had our own dog section and the handlers attended courses at Melton Mowbrey. I would imagine they still do this.

    We didn't handle dogs in the R.M. Police Troop.

    There was an occasion once, at Northwood, when somebody suggested that I attend a dog baiting course. During these courses the baiter acts as the villan and gets padded equipemnt to wear. However, its wasn't the full padded suit that some people use, it was just padding on the arm.

    So, I said: "What if the dog bites you on the arse? to which my Sergeant Major, said: "That is very unlikely."

    Following this, somebody else attended in my place and guess what?

    "YES." The dog bit him on the arse. LOL. 8O :D


  2. In the 70s and into the early 80s there was a dog sect at RMB Stonehouse. They would occasionally come to the other Bks to patrol, if memory serves the last time I saw them at Bickleigh was in 81 during a "real" Armed Piquet, as it was then, callout. Probably disbanded as a cost-cutting measure!

  3. Steve they had a Dog section at Condor as part of Base Coy..
  4. Yes you're right. I forgot about that. They used to patrol the site, going, in and out of the stores etc. I can't remember where it was located though, was it at the back of the guard room or on the airfield?

  5. When I was at Northwood I got talkling to one of the Sgts in the mess, I said how much I missed my pets and he suggested that I come and pet his dog. I am not sure if he really meant pet his dog or if it was a euphamism for something else!
  6. I think he was more interested in seeing your puppies Rosie. Who wouldn't :p :wink:
  7. :roll:
  8. Timex: Yes I forgot about that one mate.

    I think I rememberd the Northwood Dog Section because an Oppo of mine, (a dog handler) handled a Rockweiller. He also had a Rockweiller pet at home. One night he'd brought his pet Rockweiller into work and set it on me as I walked passed, three sheets to the wind. Of course I thought it was his Killer Dog and not the pet and was absolutely gobsmacked after it had knocked me down and started licking me.

    Nice trick, but for a few seconds, wasn't that funny then!!!!! LOL


  9. Is that a speshul breed for the RAFReg? :roll:
  10. No it was a Rockweiller called Stan. It was used by the RM Detachment.

    If anybody on here served at H.M.S. Warrior (Northwood) during the mid to late 1980's they may remember it.

    Nice dog. :twisted: .............. Under the muzzle. :D


  11. Surely ROCKweilers are only found on The Rock whereas ROTweilers are found anywhere where society is ROTten to the core... or should that be CORPS ;) :alien:
  12. It must be the spellun. I knew I should have worked harder with the NAMET stuff.

    When its snarling and vicious jaws were snapping at me I think the spelling went out the window.


  13. Tut, tut. Speeling cums before servival! :roll:
  14. Spent 14 of the happiest years of my working life on the prison service dog section.Had two of the best oppos of my life Shane untill he retired after which i kept him as a pet then Bruno.Shane specialised in explosives detection and we did a few for real hairy operational searches. Shane was also a great trials dog as my trophy shelf reflects. Bruno was a rough tough street fighting bastard with no frills who could stop a tank.Imagin being paid for a job that you would do as a hobby!!Working outside plenty of exercise, and great continuation training courses with the Police at Durham and Preston; A part of my working life that I don't look back on in anger.
  15. I joined the RM det at warrior in 93, Stan had gone to the kennel in the sky by thn but his reputation lived on. I went on the Dog section in 94 - two Rotties there then - Zippy & Billy. Zippy was an evil focker, Billy was epileptic!! My dog was Spuke, a GSD who had more broken teeth than straight ones.......
    I agree about the Baiters course - spent the whole time getting ragged about by the Perce and Crabair mutts...
  16. Oscar1: Thanks for the confirmation.

    I went back there in the mid 1990's for a reunion. It was good crack, but the bootneck corner that we had in the Naafi had disappeared and Royal was held tightly on the reigns by our Naval colleagues.

    I also went back there around the year 2000 to meet an Oppo of mine called Daz Church. He was the DSM at the time. We had a good night on the pish, down in Northwood. Daz has recently moved to Australia and is having a great time tossing the sausages on the Barby.

    During the mid to late 80's there were around 600 woman in that place, it was heaven. I wasn't too fussy though. If it had a pulse it was fair game. I think the Jenny's & WAFs probably had the same attitude!!

    Sadly, the large group of women were later decentralised, so I don't know how good the Bops were after that.


  17. Remember Stanley well - used to sit in his kennel quietly watching as you went by, whilst the other dogs (GSD) were going berserk!

    Also remember having to edge past a dog left outside the NAAFI whilst his handler was inside.

    Brills draft - happy days!


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