Does time served with FTRS count towards the 20/40 EDP time?


If someone knows this, I would be grateful for your knowledge. I'm currently on a 12 year Initial Commission, if after the 12 years I did not carry on with a Career Commission but instead worked as FTRS for a further 8 years would the combined service count as working for 20 years in order to get the pension benefits?

Thank you.


Lantern Swinger
No, I am sorry to have to report that only Regular service counts towards the EDP. The reason? Well the idea is to pull the service person through to at least age 40 and get at least 20 years (AFPS 15 rules) service out of them --- and with FTRS the commitment is not an open ended one. It is for a fixed period, so no need to introduce the 'pull'.

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