Does this mean I`m getting old?


I was driving my car back from work the other night, I sneezed and out of knowhere I followed through (not out of my nose) Although this might seem quite crude and wrong but this is quite a worrying thought as I`m only 25. Does this mean I`m getting old???? help me out.


Lantern Swinger
Dear Griff,

This is not a sign of getting older. All this is just you shitting yourself.

The first signs of getting older in males are when you wake up to find that you suddenly have more hair hanging out of your nose, ears and arsehole than you have on the top of your head.

Don't worry about shitting yourself as it's quite natural at your age.


I witnessed someone follow through into a pair of cycling shorts during a Bacardi Distillery run in Nassau.
Not too fecking pretty I can tell you.

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