Does the RNR need more Officers

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by itsamuppet, Aug 6, 2007.

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  1. At a recent Clear Lower Decks it was noted that the Officers platoon outnumbered both the SR and JR together with the JR being only 20 strong with 12 of those new entry, and a further 4 being CW candidates.

    Now most of theses Officers where Subs and Junior Lts with a spattering of Lt cdrs. which is good as I know there will be a shortage of Lt Cdrs soon. My question is what do they all do?

    When I deployed we had RNR officers running the MCMTA so I can know what the MW officers do but none of these are MW. When I now deploy as AW(FP) I go out as a team with a SR in charge, no RNR officer in sight this was the same during Telic.

    I know some officers deploy to Afghanistan and Iraq, but it seems to be the same old faces.

    Is there any intention to attach SubLt or Lt to deploying teams, I'm sure there would be many volunteers and it would give them the experience some of them lack.

    It would also dispell the myth that they actually offer no use to the RNR until they are Lt cdrs.

    Before you get on your high horses I'm not having a pop, but with the current manpower shortage we have a huge pool of trained personnel (if they came through the CW Path) which could be utilised short term to support the navy.
  2. The more relevant question to me is; "why are so few junior rates joining and/or, retaining." Commissioned numbers at my unit are fairly static. Junior rates have fallen off of the map. :whew:
  3. Some branches are all Officer, eg AW, MW (now!), some elements of C4IS, SM (has that opened up yet?). You will therefore see a large number of Officers (although I do admit some branches are overborne with Officers, eg Logs).

    There's a general shortage of both Rates and Officers, we need the recruit and now! Perhaps DE will see less of the 'join as a Rating, straight to CW and AIB' element joining and put a realistic picture on Rating recruitment. I personally think we may miss out on those that do join planning to do that and then realise they enjoy being a Rate and don't want to go CW (known quite a few).

    At my RU there are a lot of 2 1/2s, all coming up for retirement over the next few years.
  4. Many recruits want to be "an officer" because they have a distorted impression of naval life. We need a fair number of young officers now at SLT, so that by the time they are senior LT's, we'll have enough left after attrition to fill the LT CDR slots. DOn't forget that the bulk of the RNR officer corps is in their 40's - we have a major crisis that needs to be averted.
  5. 2 rather poor A levels in General Studies and an obscure ology will get them into university. 2 A levels is the government requirement for funding. Just two E grades!!

    What comes out at graduation is someone with high expectations; that they are useless individuals notwithstanding.
    The Armed Forces rates degree bearers to be officer class on entry.The lower deck full of BA 2/1s would be interesting, but improbable

    5th rate universities spewing out inadequate graduands?
    Aye there's the rub. What will we do with them all?
  6. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    The RNR is somewhat different in this respect - first you don't need a degree to be an officer in the RNR, and second if you have a degree you don't automatically become an officer (I recently finished my RNR time as a CPO(CIS) while in civvy life I could sing myself as EurIng Flagwagger MSc BSc CEng MIET MSaRS).

  7. They're not even trained for farm labouring. Why inflict them them on poor Ol' Mc Donald. With Foot and Mouth-- he has his work cut out on his farm without Media Studies graduates helping him.
  8. Do Come On Norman, wheres the piccie of your highly educated daughter? The whole site is waiting. :threaten:
  9. I thought it was the Lt's that are in their 40's.. providing one-to-one tuition to the 20-something girls who suddenly get their commissions while everyone else gets screwed over by these tossers..
  10. And there are deifntiely some lovely young 20 something girls out here... :love10: Seriously though, every one of them I've met is a very capable individual. Not sure I recognise your description of personal tutoring, and I see nothing wrong with "Lt's that are in their 40's" (and no, I'm not one of them) - many join late in the RNR as you know, or may have been messaed around branch wise - or may be enjoying themselves too much!!
  11. "I thought it was the Lt's that are in their 40's.. providing one-to-one tuition to the 20-something girls who suddenly get their commissions while everyone else gets screwed over by these tossers.. "

    Oh do get a life and lose the chip on your shoulder - by the looks of things, you've been found not good enough to hold a commission. Don't slander those of us that are.
  12. But what do all these people do? It was explained some sort of Deck Guarding, but only in this country presumably. Who deck guards abroad where RNR is not present? Are those ships vulnerable?
  13. Don't bother replying to this Oxygen thief, see the RNR Raison D'etre topic
  14. There are Ratings in the MW Branch it's just that the AWFP (or whatever they are calling it this week) are pushed into staying as pure AWFP without streaming off into the various L/H and above roles.

    There is the option (as I understand) of MW, Detached Medic and Comms. The real issue is DO's and STO's not knowing about the career options open to their troops. Once again the RNR Divisional System is failing.
  15. dear icantfly ,flying is not that great if that's your problem.
  16. I'd tend to agree with that comment. It's okay as long as you're a junior AB, but once you start asking the longer questions such as what can I do to progress my career, they don't seem to know.

    I haven't had any contact with my DO for a couple of months now as she doesn't even bother turning up anymore as we constantly ask the same questions, yet never get any answers.
  17. Have you tried a lie down in a darkened room. If the RNR Lt's and Lt. Cmd's are getting on a bit, have you considered your female D.O. might be experiencing --You know what ladies of that certain age experience-- Menopause--
  18. Do I look stupid enough to respond to that?
  19. Hope this isnt too far off topic - just out of curiosity really...

    Lots has been made of the fact that there are bucket-loads of Lt Cdrs currently in the RNR, and I was just wondering how many posts there actually are currently for advancement beyond 2 1/2 rings?

    As i say, just a thought... lol

  20. Are there sufficient decks to "sentry" for the RNR Lt's and Lt Cmd's (who I understand are in short supply?
    Who decides which rank/rating should "deck sentry" which ship and where? Confused? I certainly am!!

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