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Does the Navy improve on confidence?


I’m not sure if this is the right place for this question. Anyway, I just saw the new army’s 2020 recruitment video. It’s all about confidence, “confidence that lasts a life time”.
I was just wondering if the navy creates the same amount of confidence and if so then why doesn’t the navy have a recruitment video like this. I think it would make a lot more people interested in joining up considering many people have a lack in confidence these days.
Do you think the navy should have a similar recruitment advert to the new army one?
What do you think? Would it impress you?
Watch the Army recruitment adverts, "Be the Best" (infanteer aka canon fodder.)
Watch the RN adverts. Lad from Blyth!
You decide. Your the potential recruit! I've been there, done it got the Tee-shirt as they say.
I think the 'Made in the Royal Navy' series give a broad spectrum of Naval life and seem quite adequate. Having just viewed the Army advert it seems just to concentrate on one area 'Confidence'. The Army series seem to be focused on the camaraderie side of life rather than exhibiting the opportunities they can offer.
So, no I think the RN don't need a similar campaign.
SD Born in London Made in the Royal Navy!
Interesting article on the subject in the BeeB news pages.

BBC News article re confidence advert for the Army!

With respect, how would she know? Her son died at age 18 on operations - and she states it was because he wanted a career that he joined for and not to boost his confidence. He didn't have the time to give a real flavour of what it is to do your 22.

I am a great supporter of the BBC but articles like that are a nonsense and add nothing positive to the debate on how to improve on recruitment rates.

I am also not convinced of the figure stating only 10% get through basic - some suspect data set is being deployed there. It probably starts from "entered name in website to register interest" and not "turned up at the AFCO and completed the selection process to turn up at the gate to start training".

ARSSE has a long running thread on which way the BBC leans politically (don't laugh) and I'm starting to subscribe to their collective viewpoint, especially when I see lefty trash like this.

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